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Ziba is an internationally recognized design consultancy organization. Its employees are experts at capturing what consumers want. The employees consist of an international community of specialists. All the specialties are working together to help have a three hundred and sixty degree view of the consumer. The incredible mix of culture, interest, experience and intellect all lead to Ziba success. Many of the products introduced in the market today are unable to meet the market niche. It is estimated that nearly eighty percent of the products introduced in the market do not make it to households. Ziba develops an advertising program that helps eliminate this problem.

Ziba has had success in selling products to the consumers. The unique approach Ziba has towards product development is what leads to its success. According to Ziba’s staff, detailed research of the consumer has to be conducted to establish their behavior. The research is aimed at identifying the needs and wants of the customers. The research helps in uncovering information. What is right for the consumer is identified and the brand is made to suit his/her needs. A market analysis is also conducted to establish the trends and competing forces present in the market.

Core values of the client are also analyzed before a design is made. It is crucial to determine whether the values have been manifested in the brand and how they have been manifested in the message one is relaying. This extensive research helps Ziba to develop a consumer’s incite for the product. Understanding what is right for both the brand and the consumer is also important in the development of the design. Research also facilitates the discovery of great and new ideas to help in proper articulation of information concerning the brand to the consumers. The constant integration of employees in the organization results to the development of the new ideas and improvement of the already existent ones.

According to Jeremy Kaye, Ziba’s creative director, the product is constantly refined in different forms and tested to help in ensuring consumers’ incite. The unique features and benefits of the product are identified from the brand research. The advertising program uses these unique features to get the attention of the consumer. Creating an image of the product helps in product recognition in the market places. The approach to the new product development also assists in enhancing the relevance of the product. Relevance makes the attention of the people enhanced since the product meets expectation. Ziba is not concerned with creating a new product but the ability to have meaning to the consumer.

Ziba believes that every project needs to tell a story. The story makes the consumers market the product for the company by word of mouth among themselves. The unique approach of Ziba to a brand is highly effective since it ensures the entrance of the new brand draws attention from consumers, since people are driven by new things in the market to ensure that they are up to date. Perfect articulation in the language of the brand and design is also effective. It ensures a smooth information flow of the product. Feedback mechanism is streamlined for purposes of development and proper delivery in future. Feedback makes the consumers feel as part of the brand. Delight of customers is also extremely important since the recognition of a brand depends on it. If consumers are not satisfied with the brand, then they will not engage in the brand or even recognize it. Ziba thus achieves recognition by enhancing consumers delight.

With the strategic customer in mind, Ziba begins the design and packaging process. The design interface and packaging necessitate brand recognition in the market place. If the brand is well packaged, consumers are able to identify the brand and purchase it quickly because they are able to identify the product with ease. Ziba also ensures that the brand meets the consumers’ demands and expectation having conducted a research prior to brand introduction. It ensures that the products do not ask what consumers want but tells the consumers what they are. This is effective since it helps in earning the products’ credibility among consumers in the market place. Ziba also examines the competition in the market. This helps them in understanding how unique they should be when presenting there new brand. A unique introduction of the brand attracts the attention of the consumer more. This means the packaging of the product should be different and better from that of the competitor.

Timing is also critical in ensuring brand recognition. This strategy is effective since it makes the consumers welcome the brand. If Ziba were to introduce the brand when the market is not ready, consumers would not recognize the product. For instance, if they introduced the product in times of financial instability or high inflation, then the brand is likely not to be recognized. Ziba also employs the patterns of existence that are there today. They explain how the brand affects the future of the consumer in order to create a holistic experience. The experience makes the consumers motivated to purchase the brand.

Brand loyalty of a product is very important in ensuring sales. Satisfying the emotional experience the consumer has towards the brand makes the consumer remain brand loyal. The experience also has to be meaningful. This satisfaction is enhanced by connecting with the consumer at a deeper emotional level. To satisfy the consumers, Ziba ensures that it understands them in a deep and profound way. Ziba believes the opportunity to satisfy the customer comes only once. In it, they are to meet the need and earn the trust of the customer. Understanding the consumers helps in satisfying their emotional pressure. Brand loyalty results from the satisfaction.


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