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Writing Skill

I have to admit that at first, writing was a task that seemed difficult to carry out initially. Typically, the main issues that formulated my trouble in writing comprised problems with the different styles of formatting, performing credible research as well as living up to the requirements of the different formatting patterns in writing. Nevertheless, this writing course has proved beneficial to me regarding my writing skills. Through this course, I have been able to write at an objective level. As such, recognizing objectivity in my writing was possible through allowing others to read my essays in order to determine if my essays were subjective or objective. Furthermore, my dependence on the computer grammatical and spelling checker reduced drastically based on my incentive to review my work in order to discover grammatical mistakes, improper sentence structures and spelling errors. As such, this strategy proved effective since it enabled me to appraise my work critically without ignoring mundane details that could disorient my literary compositions. Consequently, another strategy that I employed involved using past essays written by other classmates. Reading through other essays allowed me to create different ways of structuring my work. This is because writing essays in a similar and rigid manner tends to make them boring overtime. As such, reading other people’s essays provided me with the opportunity to borrow creative writing techniques, for instance literary techniques such as figurative language. Furthermore, in order to improve myself especially in the context of referencing and citing, I used samples from better writers in the different writing styles that comprise APA and MLA. By reading through these samples, I was able to understand the different features distinguishing the different writing styles especially in referencing sources and providing in-text citations especially in research essays. In addition, the samples also allowed me to improve my writing based on their extensive researched content.