Writers example, story about “The Destructors” by Graham

Writers choose
child as a narrator because of a child viewpoint, which can be an act of
freeing an adult from being adult. But some writers find out using child as a
narrator makes the story more emotional for the readers, and sometimes
upsetting because it allows the reader to learn from the story. If the book or
the article is about child abuse, the reader will learn more about how to love
and take care of children even if it not theirs. Most writers use child as
narrator because a child is different from adults, who are already grown up and
has so many experiences in life.

            A narrator is a person or someone
who narrates something; it can be language, words, hand signs, or an actor or
character of a novel, story, history or poem. Writers use children as their
narrators in adult literature, poem or book because most of the stories are
about family mistreatment, family crisis or societal issues ranging from
feelings, like griefs and love, through politics and culture, for example of a
story by Frank O’Connor “First Confession” about a boy who hates his
grandmother because the way she dresses eat and walks around without shoes was
all different from him and what he learned growing up. And his grandmother
seemed to love his elder sister more than him by giving her money all the time.
The boy also wanted to stab his elder sister with a butter knife; trying to
defend himself which lead to his confession at church. Story like this is all
about a moment that demonstrate irony, pain, humor and truthfulness because the
boy was only seven years old.

            Most writers use children as
narrators because of what children experience at their young age. For example,
story about “The Destructors” by Graham Green. About group of teenage boys who
named their gang after the area they live. The destructors are young teenage
boys who destroy people’s properties, houses and cause chaos around the city of
London. So, story like this is about the kind of experience children go through
during the second world war, which initiate them into adult world. When is
about harsh realities of the violence and cruelty. Most writers use a child as
a narrator because of their voice. As a child perspective is limited that why
they are observers, children know how to observe things adult’s do and copy
from them or apply it on a different pattern. Children have an effective tone
that why some writers prefer to use them as narrators, because they are
persuasive in a clever way that an adult narrator cannot express some point
that will capture the attention of the reader. The main point of a book or
story is to capture the attention of the reader and get them to participate, so,
using a child as narrator is give the writers a chance to capture the audience
attention because the voice of a young child leaves an adult open to expression
or disapproval of something about the story. A child viewpoint can help
challenge the way people judge other people’s actions, so the writers use a
child narrator through their own point of view to tell or narrate a story about
the experience they have when they were children.


Writers use
children as their narrators because of children’s viewpoint, the way they view
things going around them, though they might not understand some certain things
that going on around them. For example, adult’s crisis or fight they might not
be able to be involved in the fight. But have the advantage to observe and see
it differently, because they have some instinctual knowledge which adults might
not have the ability to see.