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Panpuri Organic Day Spa: Problem Statement and Situation Analysis

Panpuri Organic Day Spa is a six star luxurious organic spa that endeavors to offer a wide variety of authentic and exotic therapies all the way from Asia. The spa boasts the status of being the first to offer that particular service in Sydney with eight different treatment rooms with a Thai massage room included, steam room, relaxation room, and a hydrotherapy bath. Panpuri Organic Spa has a view of commendable soothing environments in a secluded and exclusive location. The management of Panpuri Organic Day Spa attempts to achieve the goal of offering its clients with a magnificent experience, luxurious relaxation and comfort, and an enlivened feeling of rejuvenation and renewal, but is having a hard to time to achieve this: something that can be attributed to the fierce competition it has been facing from other spas.

The spa industry has been under drastic growth as a result of the widespread popularity and awareness among consumers (Gosar, 45). This awareness is related to the health benefits associated with treatments offered in spas and with current society well aware of healthy living, the demand for this kind of service has been well on the rise. This has therefore presented a business opportunity for numerous investors to seize this opportunity by venturing into the spa industry to answer this demand (Gosar, 64). Consequently, many investors venturing into the spa industry ultimately implies competition against the already established Panpuri Organic Day Spa. In this case, Panpuri spa is now thriving in a market characterized by consumer sovereignty where consumers have a wide variety of spas to choose from depending on their tastes and preferences.

In addition, other spas venturing into the industry have gone a step further to consider implementing new environment technological trends in their spa models such as ELLE spa (Gosar, 74), something that Panpuri Organic Day Spa has not yet ventured in. In my opinion, the management in Panpuri Organic Day Spa needs to address these issues in order to attract a larger customer share. The main issue in this case can be concluded to rest upon customer ownership. If the management in Panpuri Organic Day Spa does not formulate strategies to amend their low customer turn out, the most probable result with result in poor profits turnovers and a depreciated brand. Consequently, these kinds of results will ultimately spell the end for the company if poor turnovers are continually recorded.

In my opinion, Panpuri Organic Day Spa should implement strategies that make their customers feel more appreciated and welcome (Kotler, 14). This can involve the company implementing minimum pricing strategies judging by their current pricing dealings. This is market characterized by consumer sovereignty. Therefore, consumers of the service will opt to choose spas with relatively fair pricing deals for arguably the same service. This kind of strategy can also include creating great deals to attract more customers. These kinds of deals can include two for the price of one deal, unlike the buy two and get one free deals offered by majority of competing spas (Kotler, 26). In my opinion, this small difference can lead to a big impact on the consumer base. Fair pricing and great deals will surely attract more clients to the spa. The benefits of my proposed strategies will increase the company’s turnover as well as build on its brand through a good reputation.

The resources I utilized to formulate the above solutions to Panpuri spa problem lay behind marketing plan and strategic planning resources. I analyzed the spa’s problem and understood that customer relations, brand recognitions, and marketing strategies were the overlying problems (Kotler, 9). Through marketing plan and strategic planning resources, I was therefore able to suggest possible recommendations that can alleviate the problem within Panpuri Organic Day Spa.

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