How the writer creates contrasting dramatic effects

‘Our day out’ is a comedy in which a group of Liverpool school children is taken on a trip to North Wales. There is a lot of fun and many of the scenes make us laugh such as the zoo scene and the fair scene. Some of the characters are funny some are kind and some are very mean. The characters use slang language. These are based on author’s own experience. Many things happen on the beach scenes such as teacher’s and children playing football.

Children running, screaming paddling, shouting, laughing and even the teacher Susan pretends to seduce Reily and the kids spy on Susan and Reily: Susan- I’m all yours… handsome…! Reilly- Don’t mess, miss Susan-(putting her arm around him) I’m not messing big boy I’m serious! ” The effect on the audience will be does the teacher fancy Reily and if she does is she going to do anything and is Reily just going to stand there and watch. In this part of the beach scene Mr Briggs sits alone on a rock away from the children which tells us he doesn’t care about the children and he doesn’t want to know them or understand them. “Briggs sits on a rock apart from the main group” The most frequent dramatic effecting this scene is laughter.

It makes the audience laugh when Mrs Kay is playing football with the children, when Mrs Kay chases Kevin and ducks his head in the water and when Susan the teacher pretends to seduce Reily and these parts of the scene entertain the audience. At the end of the scene the writer changes the word and builds attention. This is because Mrs Kay can’t find Carol it makes the audience surprise and they start to think and questions start to go through our heads. For example where has she gone, has the teachers lost her and at this point of the story the audience really want to know what is going ton happen next.

The audience think it is getting interesting. The scene that specially I like and makes me laugh is the beach scene. It makes me laugh because of the thing they do for example Mrs Kay chases Kevin and trips him over and dipped his head into the water. “In a flash she is on him and turns him upside down. She ducks him and he come up spluttering and laughing. The other kids cheer and laugh” This shows that Mrs Kay enjoys playing with children and making them laugh. The other part of his beach scene I like is when Mrs Kay is playing football with the child Ren.

It makes me laugh because normally you won’t see a teacher playing football and having fun with the children. “A game of football is in progress. Mrs Kay is in goal. She makes a clumsy save and the kids cheer” This shows us that even though Mrs Kay enjoys the company of children. When the teacher find out that Carols gone missing the mood change in a flash. The teacher start to get worried and start to look fir her every where they asked the children and they shouted her name. Mrs Kay goes and asks Mr Briggs and he hasn’t seen her either and he starts to look for her. “Briggs- you mean you’ve lost her

Mrs Kay- no I mean she might have wondered of Briggs- well, what’s that if it’s not loosing her? All I can say is it’s a wonder you haven’t lost half a dozen of them. Mrs Kay, Collin and Brigs walk of in separate directions” Mr Brigg goes looking for her on the cliff and he finds. She was standing watching the see waves crashing against the cliff. Mr Briggs goes a step forward and calls her to “Come here now” But carol doesn’t listen to him. She tells him to go and she is going to stay in Wales forever. Mr Briggs doesn’t listen to her either he tell her to stop being stupid and come here right way.

Mr Briggs is just like a teacher and uses sentences that Carol will ignore and she will not come down. Mr Briggs moves one step forward and carol moves closer to the edge of the cliff. Carol warns Mr Briggs to not come any closer or else she will jump of the cliff. Mr Briggs starts to panic. She move even closer to the edge. Mr Briggs softens his attitude he listens to her and tries to persuade her to come down. Mr Briggs tone is just like a friend and uses sentences that will make carol come down from the cliff. As the teachers tone Briggs- now just you listen to me – I’ve had just about enough today, just about enough, and I’m not putting up with a pile of silliness from the like of you.

Now come on…. ” As a friend “Look… carol… you’re talking as though you have given up on live already. You should as though life for just ending, instead of beginning” After a while carol says I’ll only come down if you don’t mention this (what happen on the cliff) to anyone and Mr Briggs promises not to tell anyone what had happened. Mr Briggs put his had out and waits for carol and at the last moment she slips and Mr Briggs save her. She turn and looks down at the drop the back at Briggs out stretched arm. Carol lift her hand to him she slips Briggs grabs out quickly and manages to put her to him.

Briggs wraps his arm around her”. In this part of the scene there are variety of dramatic effects. For example when she threatens to jump of the cliff it makes the audience worried and scared will she jump of the cliff. The audience start to thing when she slip this will make the audience jump up n like if someone scared them. The audience will have sympathy for carol when she tells Mr Briggs she doesn’t want to go back home. The audience will think oh the poor girl.

The beach and the cliff are totally different. The thing that is totally different about these two scenes are the moods. In the beach scene the teachers where having fun (expect Mr Briggs) they were laughing, shouting and playing with the children but in the cliff scene they were different. This scene builds more tension and it is upsetting and the audience are really quite and are listening very carefully and they really anxious to know what’s going to happen next. The scene that I really enjoyed watching was the beach scene this was because it was funny and I like Mrs Kay’s behaviour towards the kids.

I didn’t like Mr Briggs he was a moody person. He likes to argue with other people over small things. He blames others and he doesn’t care if it’s adult or kids and there is Mrs Kay who loves children. I liked Mrs Kay because she care for others and handle this calmly she wouldn’t harm or upset any one but if someone tries to blame or upset her like Mr Briggs she would not stand for that. Over all I thing Mr Briggs panics too much and Mrs Kay is a calm and a helpful person. Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs are totally different from each other just like the moods of the scenes.