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would go around the village and claim they see people spirts and also they would accuse anybody for being a witch without evidence “he did he did his spirt came in threw my room window last night and bite at my neck he whispers “come with me or I shall have your soul” (pg50)” this shows that during the Salem witch trials random people were getting blamed and sum killed because of a couple of children fooling around about something serious and getting people in trouble for no reason in conclusion to this paragraph this shows how back then people had to live in fear because they were afraid of being accused as a witch and because they didn’t want to be the next person to be sentence to death by ropeHave you ever been afraid to lose your reputation to something that you were accused of and was afraid to lose everything that you stand for? In the article “The Crucible “john proctor reputation meant more to him than anything in the world in the village john proctor was knownas a good hard working man and was very known in the village and everybody liked him and his family but then one day there was a rumor going around In the village that john proctor wife was a witch “my wife as nothing to do with the sorcery of no such kind of this madness, but john your wife has been accused of doing voodoo on a doll that stabbed Abigail Willman’s” ” I shall not allow some children to accuse my wife of practicing witch craft in my house:”(pg79-85) john got locked up and the judge said that the only way that he could be free is if he admitted to using witch craft “because it is my name you took everything else from me tell the people that I fell to my knees and wept like a woman but leave me my name anything but my name I am worth nothing more than the dust on the shoes of those you hanged”(pg79) this shows that john proctor reputation meant more to him than anything in the world including his life and freedom in conclusion to this paragraph reputation shows that it had an huge effect on people and their actionsPeople shouldn’t have to live in fear nor be accused of something as horrible as being a witch or being labeled a communist all in all the Salem witch trials was a bunch of girls who were accusing random people of prating witch craft and they were dying because of it