World Willcutts arrived in Nagasaki he was greeted

War 2 came to a close with a bang when the United States set off two Atomic
Bombs in Japan, one at Hiroshima and one at Nagasaki.  Once Japan surrendered the United States
needed to evacuate the prisoners of war, provide hospital care, and survey the
damage done by the Atomic Bomb.  A letter
from Doctor Willcutts to the Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Ross McIntyre goes
into detail regarding both these endeavors. Within ten days the United States
manages to evacuate all the prisoners, provide them with medical care and
assist the Japanese with their medical care in the after-effects of the Atomic

letter begins by telling us that Doctor Willcutts, had already attended a
conference regarding the matter of the evacuations and had set in place a plan
to have two main hospital ships, the Consolation at Wakayama port and the Haven
at Nagasaki with two other vessels in the backfield.  The evacuation at Wakayama went quickly, as
they evacuated the Prisoners via boat as there was no dock available.   A total of 2578 prisoners were evacuated by
the Consolation, far less than expected. When Doctor Willcutts arrived in
Nagasaki he was greeted by a terrible smell, and dead bodies surrounded by
flies.  They managed to build the
processing center and got prisoners coming in via trains from nearby areas
across Japan.

90 percent of the prisoners were found in fair condition not requiring
hospitalization even though there were still many terrible cases of Japanese
cruelty. The Haven and Consolation did efficient and quick work in dealing with
the prisoners and supporting the effort. 
While there was many cases of brutality and many prisoners had all sorts
of infections and diseases luckily the majority did not have it as bad as it
could have been.  During and after the
prisoner evacuation Doctor Willcutts started inspecting the damage caused by
the atomic bombs.

Nagasaki about 30 to 40 percent of the city has been decimated, and 80 percent
had at least sustained damage.  All the
Medical facilities had been destroyed but a temporary emergency clinic has been
opened and Doctor Willcutts began working with the superintendent to assist
providing care.  He started doing medical
studies and autopsies on those afflicted with the mysterious disease that
seemed to come after the atomic bomb, people dying and bad symptoms coming out
of nowhere.  After performing multiple
studies this is where the first cases of radiation poisoning were discovered in
connection to the atomic bomb.  Doctor
Willcutts got the opportunity to also visit Hiroshima and noticed the same sickness
and devastating effects there.  He
finishes up noting that the fifth fleet has taken over the Japanese waters, and
they are good to go.