World War II

World War II


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World War II

Question One

The attack on the Pearl Harbor by the Japanese military was one of the greatest temporally defeats that took the American defense force by surprise. This attack was accelerated by a certain occurrence of events that were taking place in Asia (Sage, 2001). First, there was a scramble for power in Asia for both economic and military purposes. Before the attack on the Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, the Americans were conducting trade with the Japanese. The Americans provided the Japanese with military gear, oil metals and other precious commodities. Additionally, there was tension between the two countries (Chapter 29, 2007).

However, things started to change. “Japan wartime attempts to expand its presence in China, Japanese- American relations grew increasingly strained during the war and remained so thereafter as the United States objected to continued Japanese encroachments in Asia” (Chapter 29, 2007). This clearly shows that Japan had started to become insecure with the Americans. The first event that led to the Japanese attacking the Pearl Harbor was when the United States of America decided to help the Chinese as they were being attacked by the Japanese. This angered the Japanese army. Secondly, President Roosevelt restricted all exports to Japan (Chapter 29, 2007). This resulted to the Japanese assuming they were being sidelined. Moreover, they thought that the American army was preparing for an attack at the Pearl Harbor. Therefore, they concluded that the best way to prevent them from being attacked and protecting their territory is to invade the Pearl Harbor. For this reasons, in December 1941, the Japanese army attacked the Pearl Harbor.

Question Two

After the Americans were attacked by the Japanese, they had to defend their own territories. Although it was a surprise attack, the Americans had to fight back. During the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese made some mistakes like living the Pearl Harbor standing and most of the military ships and equipment repairable. This gave the Americans the opportunity to prepare and strike again. Therefore, they rebuilt back their destroyed ships and the Pearl Harbor, which had been left intact by the Japanese despite their attack (Chapter 30, 2007). Additionally, other nations like Britain, France and Australia joined forces to help the American military in attacking the Japanese. This boosted the morale for the Americans and they were ready to go to war. Lastly, the American work force was ready to work in the military base to eliminate poverty brought about by the war (Chapter 30, 2007).

With the Japanese out of exports from America, the Americans decided to attack Japan and reclaim their territories for example China. This type of exercise was also known as the disarmament process. It was in 1944 when they reclaimed China from the Japanese and this gave them the courage to continue (Chapter 30, 2007). They went ahead by attacking Japan’s stronghold, the Philippines Island. In the course of the attacks, they sank Japanese ships and four fighter jets including a plane that was carrying the main mastermind of the Pearl Harbor attack. This lowered the Japanese morale thus making them vulnerable to the American attacks. To finish off the Japanese, the Americans started fighting combat battles with the Japanese from island to island through the coast until they were able to bring them down (Chapter 30, 2007). Therefore, the American army recaptured the Pacific sphere at last. As a result, the Americans were able to finish the war.

Question Three

After reading the letters that were written by the soldiers who were fighting in the Second World War, my perspective about the war has completely changed. After America was attacked in the Pearl Harbor, they prepared themselves for war and fought hard to win and stop the war completely. According to what I have read, the Americans were doing well and it seems as if they were unstoppable. The Americans seemed to win their battles flawlessly. This means that not many of their men died during the battle as compared to their enemies. On the other hand, after reading the letters written by the different soldiers, it was as if they were being hit hard by their enemies. For instance, there is one letter, which made me believe the Americans were being defeated and yet history tells us that the Americans were doing well (American History). Additionally, from what I have I read, the Americans appeared to have the best military equipment as compared to their enemies. However, according to the letters, their enemies appeared to have the best military equipment (American History).


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