Work family traditional gender role create difficulty to

Work family conflict is the burning issue of this
century .Work family conflict usually occurs when one has to perform multiple tasks
at a time like parenting, working outside, managing family, doing household
chores. This case is more acute in the case of employed female who are mainly
married and sometimes for the unmarried also. Women of this century are coming
out of the shells and participating in all sorts of development activities. But
this is a challenging task for them to maintain both working life and family
altogether because of their traditional role of fulfilling family
responsibilities. Though in the developed country the scenario is quite
different, but in the developing country like Bangladesh this phenomenon is very

According to Greenhaus and Beutell(1985) WFC is
created when the responsibilities from the two domain, work and life are
incompatible, and engagement in one role make difficulty to engage in another.
Different situations like work schedule, longer work schedule , work load,
marriage, raising children, household activities ,commitment to family
traditional gender role create difficulty to perform in both of the domain in
the same time. This conflict has negative impact on the job performance mostly,
because in many case family is to be the first priority of women. Due to the
clash between the two roles some consequences arise like quitting job,
excessive stress, physical ad metal absenteeism, lower productivity,

There are several studies regarding the fact during
last few decades because of the emergence of the issue. A study was conducted
by Aleena Mukarram, Sajjad Akbar and Zeb Jan on 200 teachers in Pakistan to
understand the interrelation between work family conflict and job performance. The
objective of the study was to figure out whether work family conflict of female
employees has negative impact on the job performance and is there any
contribution of organizational policies to moderate the inverse relationship
between work family conflict and job performance.

This study has used 3 variables to conduct the
research where job performance was the dependent variable, work family conflict
was the independent variable and organizational policy was the moderate
variable. the study has calculated the regression analysis and came to the
result that the  independent variable
brought variation  in the dependent
variable by 16%,that is a significant value. That means work family conflict
has negative impact on the job performance of the female teacher as a result
their performance is not up to mark rather comparatively low from their actual
capability. But the moderating regression analysis results in an insignificant
value that means it does not has much impact on the  reduction of work life conflict and on the
increase of the job performance.