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WORKDONE BY ME:Ido work in Mirage hotel as a night auditor. I do the cross checking of allinvoices, check-inn cards, check-out cards, guest folio, cash receipts,paid-out receipts, in-house sheet, Day book, cashier sheet, balance sheet,housekeeping sheets, restaurant sheets.ASpecial Mirage expense voucher are used for the expenses, during the crosschecking keep in mind that all invoice amount and expense voucher are same ornot, it should be same. If any error occurs I rectify and inform about that tothe duty manager through the log book. Italso my responsibilities to cross checking of guest check-inn cards areproperly fill or not. The Check-inn card contains guest name, address, contactnumber, CNIC number, passport number, room rate, mode of payment etc.TheRegistration card must be properly filled. When a guest check-out guest folio is preparedby duty manager and my responsibility to cross checking of all folios thatprepared by duty managers that should be accurate and I also check all credit& cash bills of guest are include in folio are not.

If I found any mistakethen rectify it.TheCash receipts, cash paid-out and day-book are interlink documents; during auditI have to check that cash receipts and cash paid-out receipts are properly enteredor not. TheIn-house sheet is prepared to show the occupancy of room that is prepared byduty managers, during audit my responsibility to check these rooms are actuallyoccupied or not with the help of housekeeping sheets. The Housekeeping status is prepared byhousekeeping supervisor and submitted to front office duty manager 3 times in aday. I also do cross checking of these sheets with the help of in-house sheet. Iam also prepare the balance sheet and cashier sheet on daily basis.    SWOTANALYSIS:                       S = strengths                       W = weakness                       O = opportunities                       T = threats  STRENGHTS:·        Good quality of product.·        Excellent services provided by staff.·        Economy rates·        Ideal location·        Goodwill ·        Competitive advantage·        Creative management·        Management is properly organized·        Educated and trained staff·        Valuable and strong rules followed bystaff that how to behave Mirage hotel premium customers.