Women are allowed to serve some as soldiers,

Women have come along way in history from not being expected or allowed to learn to having jobs and earning a living for themselves. Today’s women own businesses, houses, and have a family to take care of, sometimes with or without a man.  Women have made a name and points for themselves over history.  When it comes to a lot of things many people count women as being unequal as men. Whether it is physically or mentally.  All around the world in different militaries women are allowed to serve some as soldiers, airmen, and marines.  Some holding highly valued positions and different jobs.  In the military the question still remains are women able to hold combat positions in the military?  Many say no because of biology and ethical reasons. Some even use an appeal to history fallacy to get their point across.  Others feel like women in combat positions would be great because if you can do the work then go for it.  Women sometimes can handle more than men, and women could be good leaders.    Many say women shouldn’t be allowed to occupy combat positions in the military.  According to Kate Medina “Putting women on the front lines is dangerous blame our biology” as she states on the website Telegraph.  One of the strengths of this source is it reports global news and it is accurate. “Kate is in the Army Reserves and she has been there for 5 years” as it is stated in her article.  Kate also says that “Even as a military women myself, I have real concerns about the government’s decision open up these ground combat roles to women”.  Hearing this from an actual soldier makes you ponder about women in combat positions. This could also lead to some bias because she has a military background. ” Most men are not mentally or physically tough enough for this role -and far fewer women will be” as stated in Kate’s article. When this is said you wonder where she got this information. Was it from stats or was it opinionated?  This might be a little bias. As far as biology Kate states “Women are also twice as likely to get injured as men. It stands to reason then that women will be be put in greater danger than their male colleagues purely because of their biology”.   She is saying if women are allowed to occupy combat positions we are putting them at risk. Her being a women could also be bias because she knows what women go through daily.  Many feel like women occupying combat positions is a danger to others.  Another reason people think women shouldn’t occupy combat positions is because they’re  still focusing on old times. This is back when women had a weak mind  wouldn’t stand up for themselves.When they  didn’t have to do anything but cook and clean.  There were  times when women were not allowed to even be in the military and now they want combat positions. Some feel like that is unreal and unnatural.  In life there has always been a saying oh “That’s A Man’s Job”.  Now a days women have many different roles college majors, employees, business women, family woman and etc.  Therefore  women should be allowed to occupy combat positions.  Times are changing women are getting more advanced everyday. Daniel L. David states “Women have long been integral part of the U.S Military, having performed admirably-  in some cases, heroically- in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom”.  This Could be a strength in this argument coming from a man. In this article Daniel  quotes President Obama by saying “this change, like others before it, will again make our military even stronger”.  To have a leader of our nation backing women is a big sign that women should occupy combat positions.  Daniel goes in to say  “Approximately 90 percent of all military occupations have already been open to women for quite some time”.  Why not open up the last 10 percent?  In Jennifer Hlad article she quotes Lt. Gen. Howard “This is a great opportunity to make our Army better”.  Who the statement is coming  from strengthens the article. He is talking about adding women to combat positions. In the article it states “You are responsible for looking out for the Marine on your left and on your right, regardless of gender” the Marines are even behind the idea women should occupy combat positions. No matter what sex you are your job is to protect and serve. Some countries make women fight in combat positions already or some allow them. Marina Koren wrote “In January 2013, the Defense Department opened to women thousands of jobs that were previously only available to men”. The date of this could be a weakness in the article.  So many are already in combat positions and have been for a good amount of time. Defense Secretary Ash Carter says “Defending this country is our primary responsibility,  and cannot be compromised, ” he said. “That means everyone who serves in uniform- men and women alike- as to be able to meet the high standards for whatever job they’re in”.    Women should not be allowed to occupy combat positions as stated by Daniel L. Davis because “There are some very specific combat related factors that would likely diminish the effectiveness of tactical units if women were included”.  This States that there are just some jobs women would just not fit in at. Men and women also go into the military between eighteen and twenty five.  “Confining men and women of that age in combat or training environments and expect there to be no sexual interaction is naïve” as stated by Daniel.  I agree because at many points you can become vulnerable and decide to have sex with your fellow comrade. This could cause women to lose their career as a soldier. You are a long way from home and miss your family and companion. Daniel says ” Likely to be that we’ll place women at a disadvantage and put them in a danger greater than that faced by men in combat”. I believe this is very likely to happen some of our bodies as women are not able to handle as much as men.  Sometimes women are know to freeze up in the site of danger.  In the military in combat positions you only have a split second to think.  Sometimes you don’t even have that second to think. It could be just you and the enemy you have to choose your life or there’s.  Some women have a problem being around men and their comments and personalities when you’re out in combat or getting ready for battle you have to put that aside. I feel like if you even have a second of doubt in your head you should not be in combat position because your negative could be the reason the mission is done wrong or someone is hurt. In combat there is no change out rooms you have to be ready at all times. Maybe you have to get naked in front of your fellow man. Ask yourself will a women be up for this ? Combat war comes with a lot of stress and images you keep forever in your head. You have to really be mentally strong and most women are not.