Willy Spears

* Single young man

* Lives with his sister and widowed mother

* Bright blue eyes, pale skin, dark black hair

* Loner, although easy to talk to

* Has a passion for art and enjoys photography

* Deep meaningful person, trustworthy

It was dark and dingy, and what looked like an old outlet warehouse situated in the centre of the forest. Approaching the dark desolate space made me fell cold and insecure, not knowing what was going to happen next. Amongst the foliage lay axes of different sizes. The sweet aroma of pine and moist bark filled the air. In the far distance beyond the conifers, rest the picturesque view of the mountain ranges, a sight so breathtaking that my heart yearned to meet this place.

The fresh breeze sent a cold chill down my spine. I took a step back and realised the harsh reality, I was there to work and nothing else. I sustained myself and walked in. “Willy Spears, you’re late!” Protest a bad tempered man. Unsure where the peculiar voice was coming from, I answered. “Sorry man, won’t happen again.” I realised I was late, 10 minutes infact, but it did not bother me.

Gradually, I settled in, cutting timber sounds easier than it looks although I soon got the hang of things. My boss did not seem entirely sure, so suggested that I was to ask him for help if I required it. The other workers seemed distant and kept themselves to themselves with the exception of two Marshal and Kennedy. Marshal was a short man with muscular arms and a petite body. His silvery grey eyes were sunken in to his bald and narrow-shaped head. He seemed to be a genuine person but I worried that our personalities would clash. Kennedy was a cool guy he looked like a well-respected man around the timber mill. I thought I would stay well clear of him, as I did not want to get into his bad books. I felt a tense atmosphere between the guys and me as I began to feel that they were analysing my every move, I was felt isolated in way.

I wondered if I could see myself here, ten years on, working in this timber mill like the rest of these men. Mum had always said I could do a lot better for myself but I never listened. It became much gloomier than before. By suppertime, I was exhausted, my eardrums rattled from the buzzing of the saw. My sister Antonia had prepared supper for the guys and me. She had been slaving away in the kitchens all day. To be honest I did not pay much attention to the food, just the fact that it filled my stomach with warmth. The good thing about Antonia was that she carried a warm and gentle radiance around her; it was always good to be in her presence. She had long blonde hair a pretty face, which was probably the reason the boss, recruited her.

After supper had finished we were forced to return to our sections. Feeling lazy, I took extra care when picking up my saw. Without realising, I picked up the saw by the blade but managed to dodge the vibration. I then, for a second attempt, tried cutting the timber. I could not quite figure out why the edge of my saw was red. I stopped and put my saw down. I looked up to find everybody in the room staring at me. I began to feel concerned and apprehensive. My hand lay on the floor in a pool of my own blood. Antonia was screaming in the background, I could not quite figure out what was going on around me. My head filled with mixed emotions. That instant I dropped and fell to the ground. I do not know how or why it happened but out of worry or perhaps doubt, I fainted.

Apparently I had hit my head in the process so was sent straight to hospital. As I awoke, I found myself in a white room. Antonia stood beside me along with others that worked in the hospital. The smell of disinfectant lingered in the air. I was in so much pain I felt like needles were injected everywhere possible in my skin. I could barley see I became more and more anxious. Dark shadows rushed towards me. The machine next to me started beeping continually. The noise was getting louder and louder, Antonia was pulled away from me. I could not think, breathe or move. It seemed I was dead, I guess this was the end.