Why the Gasoline Engine Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Why the Gasoline Engine Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon


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Why the Gasoline Engine Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

I. Thesis Statement: The nature of the transport system in the world can be said to be in a dire state of affairs and things need to change. The environmental impact of exhaust fumes in America and the rest of the world are damning. Alternative fuel sources such as electricity, ethanol and bio diesel are options worth pursuing. However, several bottlenecks stand in the way of progress such that we are free of gasoline as a source of fuel. The major problems include cost and reluctance to adopt these technologies despite the developments made by science. These issues can be handled given the chance. People still find it necessary to own fuel guzzlers to feed their fascination with high-performance engines forgetting the necessity for having a cleaner environment. This aside, the cost implications are very high and people are not willing to incur these costs. For these reasons, it seems that the gasoline engine is here to stay and for the long haul.

II. The article by White is a testament to the fact that the world is not ready to accept the change from gasoline-fueled automobiles to alternative energy measures for fueling cars (Haven 2011). White presents strong points that show gasoline-fueled cars are here to stay.

People are well aware of the problems that have been brought about by gasoline vehicles in terms of environmental degradation. Still, people are unwilling to accept green technology vehicles. Americans are not ready to let go of fuel guzzlers. American culture with regard to cars is impeding efforts to produce green vehicles on a mass scale. Americans are also wary of how long batteries can last before they peter out when traveling long distances. Electric cars need to assure potential buyers of its capabilities.

III. The car in the American culture is sign of success. Many will continue to desire and purchase cars to achieve society’s measure of success. This in turn impedes efforts for mass production of green vehicles.

A car embodies the American pursuit of happiness. A car is important in America because it is a sign of wealth and prosperity. The better the car, the more prosperous one is considered. People are not ready to let go of this nature.

IV. It is also important to note that cars form an integral part of the society making it difficult for people to switch to green energy vehicles (Haven 2011).

Transportation is a key factor in many peoples lives Those living in the suburbs need vehicles since they do not have access to public transportation (White 2008). Farmers need heavy machinery to work o their farms and transport materials and goods. Manufacturers have to rely on fuel-powered vehicles since electric vehicles may not be powerful enough for transportation of heavy goods.

V. The most compelling argument for the continued existence of gasoline is the cost of alternative sources of fuel. Gasoline remains a cheap source of fuel (White 2008). It is cheaper than ethanol and electricity. Therefore, cost remains the major hindrance to global adoption of green technology.

A. Electricity for example, is very expensive.

There is the need for charging stations all over the country. The cost of making batteries to power vehicles is high. Redesigning vehicles so that they are lighter and more aerodynamic to ensure that the battery size is not very big will also be costly The cost of initiating a new industry will be very high. The cost of doing away with traditional car factories may be heavy. For example laying off workers will be very high. A world that is full of electric vehicles will mean a coming up with a different fuelling infrastructure

VI. However, White mentions that it is possible for green technology to prevail over fuel-powered vehicles.

The development of hybrid cars will be a major step in promoting a healthy and cleaner environment (Nizam, 2012). By 2020, most cars will be considered hybrid vehicles. These cars automatically switch off when the car is not in motion. This will greatly reduce the exhaust emissions.

VII. Cost is a major problem in achieving the dream of green technology in transport. It is important to realize that technology still holds a promise of delivering affordable electric vehicles.

The desire for creating a sustainable environment is there. People just need to be convinced of the reliability of electric cars. Designers need to create a battery life that meets or even surpasses the capabilities of the gasoline engine for people to accept the possibility of considering electric cars. Henry Ford realized that reducing the prices of his cars would still create profit. When prices in his first model were reduced, he realized more profit that was anticipated. Electric cars maybe expensive now, but once their capability is proven they can be made cheaper so that there is a complete overhaul in the status quo with regard to transport.


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