Why the Gasoline Driven Car is not Going Away Anytime Soon

Why the Gasoline Driven Car is not Going Away Anytime Soon


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Why the Gasoline Driven Car is not Going Away Anytime Soon

Introduction and Thesis

Many people recognize the need and importance of having an environment that is free of pollution, but relatively few people are willing to take the measures to ensure that this happens. Many people do not participate actively in taking care of their environment. That is why, despite the numerous calls for people to reduce their usage of fossil fuels, there is still a considerable number of people using products that contribute to environmental degradation. People’s ignorance on environmental matters and their lack of interest is a major contributor to continued use of using the gasoline engine. Other factors such as lack of awareness and lack of access to better and environmentally friendly alternatives contribute to people’s continuous use of the gasoline engine. Many people cannot afford the hybrid cars, which are the alternative to gasoline driven engines.

Moreover, the hybrid car industry has not developed to the extent that the cars are available in many areas around the country. America and other westernized countries are at the forefront of developing hybrid vehicles. Other countries, especially in the developing world, lag behind in this area. However, it is worth noting that many of them use mass transport, and other means of transportation such as bicycles and walking, thereby reducing their negative impact on the environment. For long as people continue to see the need of using their cars, trains, ships, and other means of transportation, and gasoline remains the most affordable and accessible fuel, then people will continue using the gasoline engine for a long time.

White has written an article, showing why people will continue using the gasoline engine for a long time, despite the obvious indications of the negative effect that it has on the environment. Many countries involved in producing vehicles will take a long time to change their technologies and systems to mass-produce hybrid cars, and to make engines that run on other fuels other than gasoline. The American culture has encourages a life of freedom, and this includes the freedom to choose what one rides. Many people like the latest and the most glamorous and stylish cars, and most of these cars run on gasoline. Many people in the country cannot afford to purchase hybrid cars or the already produced electric cars. The technology of producing hybrid cars and other cars using fuels that are less harmful to the environment is not yet developed to an extent that car manufacturers can use it to mass produce vehicles.

People’s decision to purchase hybrid cars depends of the gas prices. So long as the gas prices remain low, then people will continue using the gasoline driven cars. Many people think of using hybrid cars when the gas prices increase at substantial rates. That is the only time when Americans are looking to purchase hybrid vehicles (Johnson, 2012). Americans want to maintain their status quo when it comes to the type of cars they drive. Many Americans are especially specific regarding the type of cars that they want to use, and many find it difficult to even change their car brands and buy fuel-efficient vehicles. Because of this, they tend to continue purchasing fuel guzzlers. Car manufacturers and designers have taken advantage of this, and they are designing and manufacturing big cars that consume a lot of fuel, but which can take in all the gadgets and applications that the car user wants.

People do not see the need of purchasing eco friendly cars, if they are not going to save any money when buying it. When making the decision whether to purchase something, people tend to calculate all the expenses involved. Many people are of the perception that eco friendly cars cost more to purchase and maintain, unlike the gasoline driven cars. This happens even with the increasing fuel costs. Because of this, people will continue driving their gasoline engine vehicles (Adams, 2012). Some people lack awareness of environmental issues, which are the main driving force behind developing eco friendly cars. They do not see the impact that their driving habits can make on the environment. Some people reason that they only have one car, which they drive occasionally, and this has very little effect on the environment. Because of this reasoning, they are not willing to get rid of their cars, in favor of an eco friendly car.


Eco friendly cars are still relatively new, and the industry has not developed fully. Because of this, there is scarcity of parts and this makes it more expensive to maintain the eco friendly cars. Moreover, there is limited personnel, since most mechanics are only familiar with gasoline driven engines. Many of them do not have a way of learning about eco friendly cars. People interested in developing this industry experiment with different types of fuels. Although most eco friendly cars use electricity, some people continue experimenting with other renewable fuels. This has made it hard for mechanics to have specific knowledge about the industry. This means that the car user will have to go to the manufacturer in case his or her vehicle develops any mechanical problems (Greenfootsteps, 2012).


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