When your life to the fullest because it

When we are
young we don’t think about the death, we do what we think is right, we plan
what we’ll do tomorrow, where we’ll go for trip next month but as we grow old
and reach the end of our lives, the weight of regrets increases. Many nurses
and doctors who take care of old ill people, whose ends are near talk about the
regrets they have in life. They get more emotional and afraid about the death;
they don’t want to talk about this topic.  As a family member you should never make them
feel that way. Make them understand there is nothing to regret. Here are the
top regrets that dying hospital patients have. Read it so that you won’t have
any regret like them in your old age.

1-    Regret of not living the life of our
own choice

Most of the adults have regrets that they had no choice rather than
leaving their dreams. They did so many things under pressure of family or under
society. They regret that sacrificed their dreams. We always don’t do most of
the things because we are afraid that what people will think of you.  Live your life to the fullest because it
really makes you makes you happy. Everyone has to die anyway so it’s better to
do die without any regrets.  

2-    Regret of working so much

We work so hard to achieve success, to earn more money so that you and
your family can live a happy life. But in run of money we miss the family time;
we don’t spend time with our kids, our friends. We lost the emotional connection
with them.

Money is important but family is everything. Don’t work so hard that you forget
about others.

3-    Regret of not showing their feeling

We love someone but we don’t express it to tell them because we are
afraid of losing them. And sometimes it happens that you don’t like something
about anyone but you can’t tell, because it can affect your relationship with
them, so you live with that for your whole life. And at the end you think that
you must have told them, it will haunt you till your end.

4-    Regret of not living a happy life

You get so tired and frustrated sometimes that you react to happy
situations also in wrong way. So many people even don’t know what makes them
happy. And some people connect their happiness with money and luxury.

Do things that make you happy, happiness costs you nothings why you
should not have.

5-    Regret of not having so many things

When you get old you got no friends to meet or to visit, it is a scary
dream. People get so involve in other things that they forget about the friends.
Create friendship that stays with you forever.