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When daily applications and software begin to run extremely slow and are unresponsive, then that is an indication that either software isn’t being monitored and updated appropriately, or that software and applications are not even being monitored. Frustration is easily caused by these issues, which wastes the employees and the companies time, as well as their money. In this case, it is important to have some soft of network troubleshooting service which will handle everything inside the company to make sure everything is running at peak performance. Network services are evenly important whether that be a setup at home or at a business. During the time of a problem, it is extremely hard to back track the network and find exactly where the issue lies. Due to this, the key component to having a service is to reduce this probability of occurring. Network services will ensure that everything will be setup correctly and will run smoothly. Today, there are many companies that provide network troubleshooting services, which include; Tenable, Wireshark, SolarWinds and more. These service companies have the ability to setup entire networks as well as providing future troubleshooting assistance. Services, such as these, provided both assistance for wired and wireless networks. Both, wired and wireless, have specific needs to be maintained at the highest level. Wired networks are the safest approach, but also comes with a high price due to the physical maintenance of wires and connections. Wireless connections request higher security levels to be maintained due to sensitivity on the network. Furthermore, once the initial setup is completed, the next step would include setting up monitoring tools, troubleshooting tools, and maintenance. A well-developed maintenance team will oversee making sure everything is always running smoothly and ensure that nothing is lost if a server was to go down, guaranteeing they always have a backup. Network service is always going to be important to the matter of fact that whether you are faced with a minimal issue or an extremely problematic issue, you will always be prepared ahead of time.

            When the topic of discussion is regarding customer data and privacy, then Tenable is the service to consider. Tenable was founded in 2002 with its HQ in Columbia, MD, more information can be found about the company on their website “https://www.tenable.com/”. “Tenable.io is the first cloud-based vulnerability management platform built for today’s modern IT assets, like cloud, containers and web applications” (2017, Tenable.com). Tenable is a network service which focuses primarily on security and compliances. Tenable successfully monitors and tracks the network, while prioritizing and determining vulnerabilities and weak points. Tenable is a leader in it’s regarding because it brings many features to the table such as, Vulnerability Management, Web Application Scanning, and Container Security. There is one major problem in the world of security and that is keeping up with the latest platforms and devices, as well as the security protocols. Tenable provides solutions for these devices and platforms that might be old and fail often. They provide the service that is required to close this exposure in the network from attacks. Tenable proclaims themselves to be the emerging discipline for managing and measuring attacks precisely to eliminate these problems in the exposure gap of cyber security. Their approach is called Cyber Exposure and its intent is to take cybersecurity issues which can be bugs and misconfigurations, and in return develop it to be apart of the environment. Cyber Exposure hopes to give companies and organizations the ability to take every decision into consideration and look at security data as a part of their business decisions, to encourage smart decisions and outcomes. Tenable offers multiple service ranging from vulnerability management, security, to application scanning which start around $2,000 and up depending on the size of a business including their needs and expectations.

            Wireshark is one of the most popular IT software available. Many know the name, but only the ones who use the software fully understand its capabilities and worth. According to the Wireshark website (https://www.wireshark.org), Wireshark “is a network packet analyzer. A network packet analyzer will try to capture network packets and tries to display that packet data as detailed as possible” (2017, wireshark.org). A network packet analyzer basically measures what is occurring inside of a network through the cabling and setup. Wireshark has multiple features and purposes which are established for specific jobs. Network admins have the ability to look into network problems and troubleshoot them. Security can examine possible security vulnerabilities in the network. Developers can use Wireshark to debug protocols. Wireshark is only available on UNIX and Windows, and it is completely free for all businesses and public users. Wireshark is very diverse and provides consumers the ability to import, export, filter, search for virtually any packet they might want to examine and monitor. Packets can be captures and are displayed to extreme detail which enables users to look at protocol information. Wireshark is possible the best analyzer available because it provides detailed information on the highest level.