When member of the healthcare team and that

I think about the type of nurse I want to grow to become, my thoughts take me
to some pretty inspirational people. One of the very first definitions of
nursing was coined by Florence Nightingale. She defined nursing as “putting the
client in the best possible condition for nature to act upon him” (Nightingale,
1859, p. 226). This definition has evolved over the years but patient centered
care has always been at the core. Before I take my first steps as a brand new
nurse, it is important to explore my personal values and beliefs that will
guide my nursing practice. My philosophy of nursing incorporates two very different
ideas that somehow seamlessly go hand in hand. My philosophy is one that is
centered on the fundamentals of nursing and the knowledge of medicine combined
with delivering compassionate care and developing trusting relationships with
my patients.          

and medical knowledge are fundamental and the foundation of nursing. Prevention
of illness and treating those who are already ill are the goals of nursing. Nurses
need to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of nursing and medicine
because everything just builds on each other from there. Health care is dynamic
and it changes from day to day. This ever evolving profession requires nurses
to never stop learning and keep current with best practices.        

want my patients to take charge of their health and ask me questions about
their diagnosis, treatment options, and medications. I want them to feel like
they are a member of the healthcare team and that I am not making all of their decisions
for them. I want to be known for being kind and compassionate. Having the
brains to be a nurse is very important but so is having the heart. What good is
having a nursing degree if patients do not want to be seen by you and coworkers
do not want to work with you because of your attitude and how you treat them? Bedside
manner is a term well known by healthcare professionals and it has been proven
that “A provider’s bedside manner can impact professional reputation in the
community, affect the loyalty of patients, and even impact effectiveness”
(Person and Finch, 2008).

have many goals I would like to achieve as a nurse. My first goal is to never
lose the desire to learn and always be curious. After graduation, I plan on
working for a year so that I can gain some nursing experience and then
hopefully obtain my master’s degree. I want to stay current and make myself
marketable by joining a professional organization or hospital committee,
attending conferences, obtaining certifications, and taking applicable
educational courses. My second goal is to provide ongoing community service and
help eliminate health disparities. I have always been overwhelmed with the
desire to travel to an impoverished country and give back with my nursing
skills. This will allow me to interact with people various backgrounds and
enhance my understanding of different cultures. My third and final goal is to
always be my patients advocate. I will advocate for safe medication
administrations, appropriate treatment protocols, and timely symptom management.