When is traded on the New York stock

buying businesses your amount of profitability depends on factors such as
financing terms, occupancy costs, and your skills, and ability to operate a
business smartly and effectively. A few of the stocks that I had purchased were
McDonald’s, Best Buy, Walmart, and Michael Kors. McDonald’s which is fast food
business has been ranked number one in the top list of two hundred franchises.
McDonald’s franchises restaurants to individuals who operate restaurants and
are involved on a daily basis in their operations. However, they do not
franchise partnership nor investors. For McDonald’s the amount of down payment
that franchises would need to give varies. Therefore, they require a minimum of
five hundred thousand dollars of non borrowed resources in order to be
considered as a franchise. I bought ten shares from McDonald’s. Another stock I
purchased was Walmart, a corporation that operates as a chain of hypermarkets,
departments stores, and groceries. In the real business world you would need to
purchase a stock from Walmart through Computer share. In 1970 Walmart offered
three hundred thousand shares of its common stock at a price of $16.50 per
share. Walmart common stock is traded on the New York stock exchange. I
purchased ten shares from Walmart. Best Buy, a store focusing mainly on
technology, was also one of the stocks I bought. Best Buy’s enterprise level on
a revenue of  39.4 billion they increased
on a GPA operating income rate of 4%. While doing that they also continued to
invest in their future and returning 1.2 billion to their share holders through
share repurchases. The amount of stocks I purchased from Best Buy were fifteen.
Another stock I had purchased, but ended up trading due to it taking a toll
causing me to lose money was Michael Kors. Michael Kors is an American luxury
fashion company that was established in 1981. The methods I used when buying my
stocks were to decide the prices I’d like to purchase, decide how frequently
I’d like to trade, and how many shares I want to purchase. During the time I
owned stocks I noticed how from day to night your stocks can drop causing you
to lose money fast, but also stocks could go from low to high which makes  you a lot of money. The way I would have purchased
them different now is by analyzing the stock prices more, see how successful
the business is, making more trades, and investing in more stocks. Purchasing
stocks and bonds is a way to save up for retirement, although you have more
alternatives that’s just that. Other ways you can save for retirement are by
paying less taxes, retirement contributions, selecting low cost investments, minding
retirement benefit gaps, ect. After completing the stock market game I have
learned essential things that would be useful to me in the future if I would
like to pursue a business career. I have learned that you must be very careful
on which stocks you would like to invest on, how many shares to buy, what do
trade, analyzing what would benefit more,  over all what
would make you most money. I also learned that’s stocks can change from day to
night, so you must carefully analyze what stocks you’d like to invest on if
wishing to do so.