When I think about all the challenges there

When I think about all the challenges there are two
that seem the biggest, one of them was choreographing and the other is living
away from home for the first time. The first time I choreographed a dance for a
talent show I was the most nervous I have ever been. I was taking dance classes
but I did not know if the talent I had in dancing would transpire into
choreographing. I remember listening to the song I had to choreograph for more
than twenty times to memorize every beat and every lyric in it. I wanted to
choreograph something that showed the meaning of the song which is extremely
hard to accomplish. After I was certain that I knew the whole song I wrote on a
paper the names of the people that were going to dance and numbered them. In
another piece of paper, I started doing the first formation of the dance.
Afterwards, I started thinking of steps for the chorus and start of the dance. When
I was positive of the movements I taught them to the students that were going
to dance. Thanks to the opportunity I was given I discovered I loved
choreographing as much as dancing.

second biggest challenge I have faced is living away from my family for the
first time. On September 2017 Hurricane Maria passed by Puerto Rico and
devastated the island. There was no power, water or communications for a long
period of time. I was not going to be able to finish my senior year on time,
therefore, my family and I decided I should move to my aunt house in Florida
and finish my senior year on the United States. The first week in my new school
was dreadful, I did not know where my classrooms were or anyone in the school.
Come my second week and I started getting situated better and spoke to some of
the people in my classes. I found the school part of my move easy but what was
difficult was being away from my family and friends. My parents and brother
stayed in Puerto Rico and so did all of my friends, because of that I got
homesick quite a lot. I would talk to my friends and my mom every day and that
made me feel like I was still there with them.

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life gives you an opportunity and you have to choose if you will take it or
not. They can be the best thing that ever happened to you or you can fail and
either try again or try something else. In my opinion, the greatest challenges
in life are the ones you benefit from the most.