When How Becomes What

When How Becomes What


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When How Becomes What

One of the most fundamental beliefs and principles of Hideo Sasaki is that of the need for different professionals within the design, architecture, and landscape to collaborate and work together. Sasaki advocates the idea of integration of different disciplines. This involves the professionals having an open mind about architecture and design. Professionals are not only involved in planning and following the requirements and guidelines of their profession, but they should also think critically and have an open inquiry involving different people with diverse ideas. Architecture does not only involve putting up structures, but it also involves examining other aspects of architecture, which many professionals tend to forget. This includes examining and recognizing the importance of maintaining the surrounding community’s culture and history, as well as the social context. Professionals should also ensure that they take care of the economic and geographical context of the surrounding regions. This will ensure that they capture the important factors that matter to the community, and that people do not just recognize them for the structures they put up, some of which may not benefit the community in any way.

When how becomes what involves recognizing the important elements of life, which, in addition to professional and up-to-date structures, also recognize the elements of humanity. As much as people admire tall and complex buildings and designs, they also want to feel a part of the process. They want to feel that they have contributed something towards the completion of the project. They recognize the efforts of the professionals, when part of their culture and the geographical elements of their surroundings make up part of the professional work. They feel that they own part of the structures, and that their culture is worth recognizing. In addition, communities want buildings that will recognize their abilities. They will have more appreciation and recognition for designs and structures that embody their economic contexts.

People have different perspectives of issues when they have an open mind. Moreover, the interdisciplinary approach encourages the sharing of ideas and it is essential during the brainstorming process. Professionals from different disciplines are able to assess each other’s work critically, correct each other, and give advice and recommendations. This helps in developing wholesome designs, which serve different purposes. It leads to the creation and development of structures, which are different from the usual designs of the practice. This brings out something new, unique, and original to the industry. This has revolutionized the different industries in the field of design. It would not be possible to leave legacies without the implementation of such ideas.

The integration of different disciplines in design has led to changes in the industry. This has included changes in architecture, and landscape design. There has been an increasing concern regarding different issues such environmental concerns and this has led to the development and design of products that are environmentally friendly. It has led to the incorporation of technology. Digital technology in design has made work easier and it has eased some of the processes in design work. In addition, it has led to increased collaboration among different professionals because it has eased the communication process. This integration has led to increased awareness of the issues affecting the community, and this has contributed to the designers looking for different ways to enhance and make people’s lives better. People are able to learn more from each other and from other regions. Their sources of knowledge are not just confined to their areas of practice and learning, but they are also forced to look beyond their countries and learn from other regions.