What recognize what their roles and assignments and

is a resource management and what is the role of the sustainable development?
In this text we are going to take into consideration how we started using the
resources and how we end it up by using it in a wrong way.


the very beginning of buying and selling, building and developing, the
employees recognized that there is a use of the resources either they are human
or natural resources, so there was a difficulty in how they were able to reach
it without paying much money, so they started by dominating on the poor
countries in order to get their need in a big amount and small payment which
will then no be seen due to the over gaining that they will get by having
instructions and developments, and then they started using the natural
resources found in their countries, but due to the misuse of it there got to be
a problem and the problem have been clearly shown nowadays.


of Resource Management:

Resource Management is
an important technique which is used to benefit from all the available
resources in a way that will effect positively. It is a form of using the
primary materials and arranging them, so that all the resources are applied to
the right tasks and reach the goals with the least amount of both : waste and

Resource management
include so many basics as of: salaries, employees, building, vehicles, tools,
supplies, machines and more.

Resource management is
concerned with the question of a way to use sources correctly, successfully and
economically, and as it is clearly shown, the resource management cost money, a
lot of it for a business enterprise, so that’s why they must be controlled cautiously.
In any other case, it could throw off the whole agenda of the right resources
aren’t available when they’ve wanted.

Organizations want to
ensure that they definitely want to ensure that they procure them in a cost
effective way and that they may generate fee for organization. Resource
management guarantees that the task is on the time and scope through the
effective allocation of resources. In addition to that, it makes sure that the
group individuals recognize what their roles and assignments and what they are.
For this reason, it is an essential part of the project planning technique.


Types of Resource

There are so many types
of resource management and some of them is first the human resource management,
second the IT management, third the financial management, and fourth the
enterprise asset management and so many more

The human resource
management is the management of human resources. It is way the helps in
developing the overall world in which the bosses will be trained as much as
they can, the act that will help the employees to be more creative,
responsible, and up to date to all progress taking place around him. Thinking
about the HR management, when sport teams or work teams have plans to improve
themselves or actually have a vacancy the manager usually calls an expert to
find new talents. In a company this expert is the HR or in another word the
Human resource manager. The HR staff starts to look for interested recruits.
Recruiting is a huge part of making high quality tames. HR staff use their
knowledge and experience to locate the pest person for the best job he
deserves, and in addition they provide advice to managers on how to improve
their tame overall performance, and suggest training options to optimize staff
capability. HR also monitors well-beings and safety needs and also resolves
conflicts among the working team and make sure they get paid fairly.

The IT service management
is the act of implementing, managing and delivering IT services to fulfill the
needs of a business. Let’s see what is means in real world, think of a computer
running complicated codes that every person whenever is he can understand, so
in order to allow everyone to use the software, it unfortunately should be as
simple as that in which is can be friendly user interface, otherwise most
people will not be able to use it anymore. Likewise, ITSM serves the same
purpose as the software user interface, it helps employees in an organization
communicate with it, without having to know anything about technology and still
get what they need and their issues resolved, for example as it come, if a sale
executive joins a company, the IT department will give him a new computer, bye
for a man who travels a lot and have to visit the costumers and interact with
them, it will absolutely be hard for him to work if what he receives is a
desktop. If there was an IT process in place, where IT understands the needs of
the business and what the employees need to do with the equipment, the sales
executive would have got a laptop saving him a lot of the wasted time and
energy in his first few days of his first job as an employee which is a hard
job to take into consideration. So an essence, ITSM creats a bridge between IT
and the costumer. Since both sides save time, and time is critical and equal to
money, ITSM brings direct value to the business.

The financial
management is mainly concerned with the effective funds management in the
business. Finance is the science of managing money and it includes financial
service and financial instruments. This act refers to a specific person a
financial person, it refers to his own strategy in working and parting up the
duty to have. It includes and act on a thing that will rise up the company as a
whole not for a short time management but for a long-term one. Moreover it also
deals with the dividend policies of the share holders.

The enterprise asset
management is the most important act to help the company last. It is a
lifecycle manager to the physical acts of the company. It refers to the scope
of the department, locations, facilities and potentially supporting business
functions. This way can be fixed like building, plants, machineries or moving
asset like vehicles, ships, moving equipment. This lifecycle management of the
high value physical assets requires regressive planning and execution of the work.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Concepts and

Resource leveling is a
way of resource management whose objectives is to find underused humans or
resources inside as organization which they are likely to be unused by the
people and then, by recognizing the resources, they reposition them in work, to
get use of it, having a positive feedback at the end of the month. Resource
leveling considers all resources, human and appliances to decide if some of
those assets are being underused, or might be used in a place where they can be
more productive. For example, a supervisor of one department or a person in the
finance department who could genuinely be very useful in the production

The traditional
approach is another method that became approved and used from hundreds of years
ago because of the positive results it achieved. Traditional approach involves
the initiation stage, planning stage, production stage, controlling and the
completion stage of the process. This technique is mostly used when developing
a new product, and may also be used when getting something new to the company.

Resource limited
schedule is another technique and it is used to achieve maximum efficiency when
the resources are limited for a project and the manager responsibility is to be
able to benefit from the available resource to reach the goal.

Breakdown structures is
a listing done by the manager or someone else who is concerned by this thing from
the team at the beginning of the project and it includes the important
resources arranged from it due to their importance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Natural resources:                 

As this world nowadays
is facing a big problem by many faces and trying to getting rid of it but with
no reason, there is also a way that the world is facing nowadays which is the
Unsustainable development which is by the excessive unused resource that will
definitely can’t help the development in anyway. This excessive depletion of
the found resources results from the failure of the properties, the social
properties and also from the misconcept that is found in the employees thinking
that as much as the resources and especially the natural resources are found as
much as the organization is better with no over bills to pay in order to get
them. This lack of concept will bring this world into doom. It will end it up
by the exploit of the public forest or even by nationalizing the oil use by all
companies and materials, since those two are the most unexpencive natural
resources found on earth and will help them in fast way, it will fasten the
work of the companies due to the over presence with them.

According to the
studies that are taking place nowadays that the companies as a whole are
working in a way that is wrong just to increase their success by ending up
their life in an indirect way, this is a way that the world is facing nowadays,
the word is losing its parts day by day, it is facing burning out of its
forests to build organization, the see is facing pollution due to oil spoil
that is placed in the goods that are transported by ship. So it is must that we
should work on the causes that are leading to the hell.


Causes of the natural
resources on the development:

For example, America
and its success that is getting it is facing a lot of problems due to their
interest in their profit and forgotten that the land needs care and help.

So as the time pass the
land will not be able to give them the fees as it was giving few years ago,
this act is the first step for the doom of development , so the profit will be
less the definitely then the development will face the danger. And adding to
that act there will not be another resource to take from it. Then this will be
the first step to end this success of development in a bad way.

In the last few years
economists studied the natural capital asset and recognized that the use of it
is increasing day by day due to the increase of number of people and the
increase of their use, and discussed that there should be a solution in order
to get rid of danger from what we are living nowadays. When human decided to
use the natural resources, they wanted to get a push toward the development and
to be in a safe side but unfortunately the end was that he achieved an enormous
industrial economical and civil development destroying, so rather than helping
it, it is lidding it into doom, and as we can see nowadays, the world is facing
so many problems and some of them is the deforestation, soil land and see
pollution, ice melting and mountain melting.

The question that is
asked now is that is the poor countries that have the companies using the
natural resources more than the rich countries, or vise versa. And at the same
time there is another question is that which type of country is the best in

Ending the discussion
of the natural resources up, it is true that the natural resources are important
and can help the environment in many ways and also can lead to development of
the countries in a critical way, but at the same time it is type of help that
can’t use it in anyway and pretend that there is so much more to have, because
it is a thing that god have given it to us and can’t waste it in a wrong way.

But as we can see that
the use of the resources is getting bigger and bigger wider and more helpful,
but this use is having no politics and no rules to go on, and this misuse of it
and working in a wrong way is getting it to be so much less than what it
started before.

For example Lebanon if
one of the countries that is rich in water due to the increased number of see
and lakes found in it, but since Lebanon does not have politics and politicians
that have a care in the source of management found and that are considered one
of the most important conditions of the successful development of the country,
now Lebanon is facing so much many problems working on so many faces, Lebanon
is facing the lack of water in all its parts, it is lacking the support to grow
up and develop due to the misuse of resources that it ever started from the
beginning of the organizations.

From the very beginning
the Natural resources were considered the main driver of the economic
development of the countries, for example the coal helped the countries no
matter what they are to be one of the leaders in the economical life, so the
leaders took into consideration that is should be helping them to reach to the
top between all countries, so there started the race between countries, and we
ended now up by lacking the presence of the natural resources due to the misuse
of it from them beginning.

So as we said from the
beginning, there should be in every country and every industry a training
session to the leaders to show them the main concept of gaining and having the
best of all, and moreover they will be into the world’s problems that are
clearly shown, so that maybe they can have a result to have a good life style
filled with success and relaxation, and this act they can send it into so many
scenarios to the other employees that they are working with. This act will help
in understanding what are we now living and in what way can we help, if every
single person works on this rule in a correct way, then we will for sure reach
a place that we will have a resource and we will have a good, healthy and
successful way of development.



Since the natural
resources and its way of act in the development is a critical and important
issue to study and work on it, then there should be a critical sustainable
development to solve it up in as fast way as we can.

Sustainable development
is a development seeking to economic growth while ensuring future generations
ability to do the same, by not exceeding natural regenerative capacity.  

According to the what
we studied and we are seeing nowadays, we should now work on strategy that will
help us find a way to have a good life style and to help our future without
taking into consideration that what we are living now is just a part of time
and everything will be back to normal as much as we will be helpful, productive
and lovely to our work and the country that we are working in it.

The word ” Sustainable
development” is known from the year of 1987 from the Brundtland
Report, and as the concept developed until this time, it has shifted to be
more concerned in the issues that every organization should be thinking about
during working and achieving their goals, it is now focusing more on the
economic development, social development, and environmental development asking
for the the future generation.

It has been suggested
that the word “Sustainability” is word that is viewing the meaning of the human
target in life, about the human goals and his achievement, it is word that
summarize the lack of concept that the trainers and employees have, which it
will be reveiled for the future generation, in all sides and all concepts.

It is a word that is
the meaning of criticism it is and always be that meaning until there will be a
push towards the future.

Sustainable development
is a way that save natural resources, it is a set of solutions to reach the
good place and increase the human awareness toward helping our future in anyway
way that will reach us to be a country filled with respect and saving
environment and ensuring the continuity of species on this planet.

Many modern countries
such as France, was starting as many other countries, by asking for the
entertainment and not asking about the way to gain it. But due to training and
the management that they worked on it, they now are walking in parallel between
what they were living and having in society and what they are having now and
then in the future what will they have and in what way will they be living.

Seeking luck does not
mean destruction, in contrary it means moving in parallel in development and
progress with saving natural resources.



Solutions can be
applied by increasing social awareness through media campains, lectures, and
projects, focusing on environmental topics such as land use planning, energy
use and renewable resource management

Leading experts and
trained graduates will take the responsibility to maintain dialogue with
different parties to understand these complex issues and educating the public,
to keep the link between society and biological system and don’t got to doom at
any another time.