What Is The Definition Of Altruism Essay Sample

Altruism definition

Egoism refers to the act of satisfying  personal instinctual needs towards  achieving personal righteousness. In other words it is the care of oneself. Whilst this  applies to egoistic behaviors,  some  individuals  may perform certain  acts to satisfy instinctual behaviors  that fuel the  caring of other individuals’ needs. Such acts may be directed to one’s own group or certain individuals. Arguably, the  concepts of morality are grounded on self interests. Therefore, even though egoistic and  altruistic  behaviors tend  to be  different, I firmly believe that altruism manifested itself in egoistic  characters. For instance,  egoistic  behaviors  makes  a person to show more pride  while  doing certain tasks. Such actions  as performed by the individual may be interpreted  as egoistic behaviors by others. Further, if  the individual performing the  acts  desperately  wants to  achieve his or her righteousness, then he or  she possesses egoistic  characters. Furthermore, in the case such an individual directs his or her assistance towards other people who might have not requested the  assistance,  or the individual performing the actions  was not requested to do so, then such a person is  said to possess altruistic behaviors. In essence, a altruistic behaviors  are performed to realize self actualization and the  desire to show ego rather than benefiting the intended  audience. In a nutshell, the  manifestation of altruistic behaviors  is  egoism.

Additionally, when people are self centered, they do not rightly intend to provide  services that are aimed  at benefiting others, but rather  self gain. Therefore, such actions may not be regarded an helpful but perceived satisfying ones needs. Also, individuals may want to associate  with other to show of their egoism. This  means that such people  do not intend to provide  services  that necessarily benefit  group members but as  a purpose of  self gain. For example, when a person  performs  services  that tends to increase his utility and associated with personal privileges ,he or  she  is termed  as  egoistic rather than altruistic.  Such services include giving of financial support to the poor with aim of serving the interest of the giver. This can be illustrated by a developed  nation donating funds to the less fortunate in the underdeveloped countries and  at the end exploit their natural resources. In other words, the  nation with financial muscle gains  more than the less fortunate one because its sole  aim was to exploit the available resources in the poorly developed one.

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In most cases, people demand morality rather than ego. However, morality itself is  grounded in individuals’ self-interest. Therefore, it is difficult to differentiate between altruistic; actions; from egoistic ones. Often, people desire to help others when they do not need them and therefore end; up benefiting as individuals.