what is ‘soft diplomacy’ and what is its purpose

Chapter 13 and 14




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Chapter 13 and 14

Ch. 13: Intro- what is ‘soft diplomacy’ and what is its purpose?

Diplomacy refers to the feature of international relations where one nations attempts to carry out negotiations with another nation. This is mainly aimed at promoting peace, culture, or for economics purposes. Soft diplomacy is the American aspect of promoting the American culture through the distribution of American movies to nations that showed sympathy to communism. The soft diplomacy was mainly aimed at discouraging communism through the promotion of American ideas in the effort of showing the benefits of consumer capitalism.

How do audiences respond to cultural exports (such as Disney)?

The audiences have been mostly critical to the production of meaning. This is because the government could not be able to determine or control the meaning and response of the cultural exports. This is because the meaning and response are judged on the ground and are based on the historical and cultural contexts, which are mainly different from those of the United States of America. However, there are many who have positively responded to cultural exports such as Disney. This is because it serves as a form of identity. For instance, there are many Japanese, who have taken the American culture and Disney positively because it serves as a form of self-identification.

1-jazz: what is ironic about the US sending a jazz musician to Europe? What is the significance of Jazz music?

The irony in sending jazz to Europe is that although Jazz tends to fight the issue of racism by having talented white colored musicians together, the issue of racism is still rife in the United States of America.

2-carton: how many symbols of US consumerism can be found in the drawing?

The main symbol of consumerism that is found on the drawing is the demand for more and thereby leading to conflicts in the society especially in the family set up.

3-Disney: what is its appeal, its power? Does it shape culture or reflect it?

Disney has proven to be a very powerful instrument in marketing the American culture. Disney mainly reflects the American culture in the belief of fairy tales and happy conclusions.

4-McDonald’s: how do Taiwanese people use McDonald’s? What impact does it have on their traditions?

The Taiwanese use the McDonald’s premises as a social place and thus tend to spend much time there than their counterparts in the united states of America. There are those who chose the spot as relaxation venue by reading, thinking or simply chilling. There are those who chose the venue as a sport for conducting business meetings while others used the venue as a favorite spot for courtship purposes. This greatly influences their traditions because business meetings are no longer being conducted in offices nor is reading of novels being carried out in libraries or more quiet places.

5-Pokemon: how did the Japanese capture the US market?

The producers captured the US market by allowing other companies to imitate the film. Although many companies sue for copyright infringement, the marketers of Pokemon allowed the production of an American version leading to the high acceptance in the local market.

6-hip hop: why did Ceza choose rap as his form of music?

He chose to rap because he identified with the social struggle that is mainly conveyed in the rap songs. The music helped him to express himself and resist the things that he mostly disliked.


What is globalization? How is it experienced?

Globalization is the growing interdependence and influences either for commercial, political or cultural purposes globally. It is mainly experienced when one nation’s culture, economic or political landscape influences or is influenced by that of another nation.

What is time-space compression?

This is an effect of globalization where the word is seemingly becoming smaller because it is now easy to reach any part of the world through electronic media, satellite television and the internet.

Are the receiving cultures weak? Are they simply being injected with US businesses without thought or resistance?

The receiving cultures cannot be deemed as weak. Many societies tend to accommodate changes and thus leading to the wide acceptance of the American culture in these nations. The marketing of the American products and culture also tends to appeal to peoples of these nations.

Are commodities culture?

Commodities are not culture but are aspects of a given culture. The rap albums being sold are not the hip-hop culture but are mainly means of expression used by those of the hip-hop culture.

What are the 2 contrary effects of globalization?

The two contrary effects of globalization are that it leads to the promotion of one culture while it leads to the degradation of another. As one society adopts the cultural aspects of another community, it mainly abandons its past cultural practices to take up the new.

How does ‘the authentic’ reappear in this context?

The authentic will often reappear because the global is a pan of the local. This means that there are some aspects of the local culture present in the global culture. The adaptation of the global culture therefore results in the reappearance of some aspects of the authentic culture.

The Americanization of Turkey occurred how? What are the results and concerns?

The Americanization of turkey occurred through the marketing of American commodities in turkey. Commodities are aspects of a given culture and thus if the commodity is appealing, then the culture is also bound to be accepted. This results in the abandonment of the local culture for the new culture in this case the American culture.

Ch. 14: Intro

How is the Internet shaping the world, popular culture, and people’s lives?

The internet facilitates the global interaction people from all over the world. This enables people to experience new cultures hence promoting popular culture. This leads to the change in people’s lives as many abandon their native cultures and adopt popular culture.

What questions are being asked again as people appropriate this new media?

The main questions being asked with the increasing use of the internet is whether the facility is promoting some cultures at the expense of others. The use of the internet has led to the globalization of some cultures whereas some are now becoming extinct.

docs-What do each of these articles bring to the debate? Why were they included in the chapter?

The two articles show how the internet and other interactive media facilitate the convergence of culture and how their use can lead to both positive and negative receptions and interpretations.

Do people participate more or less in electronic games than in earlier versions of entertainment? Do they have control of the outcomes?

Statistics indicate that there is growth in the number of persons engaging in electronic games as opposed to earlier versions of entertainment. This is mainly because the electronic games seem more appealing and exiting than the earlier versions.