What is greatly tormented by feelings of guilt

What is procrastination procrastination is very common in society and is seen in most of the people. It is a term that characterizes a certain emotional state as a result of which a person loses the ability to do something on time and postpones the tasks for later. we convince our self to do less important thing first by delaying the urgent work. Have you ever done anything but not work scroll on facebook instagram read blogs checking email drinking coffee looking children playing from the window playing computer games. In other words do everything except work in all conceivable and unimaginable ways. You convince yourself and that another minute and you will continue your work. this is procrastination. Laziness and procrastination are totally different things. He is in motion dynamic and fussy. laziness implies an unwillingness to do something and denying the importance of this activity saying: i dont want to do it all. and procrastination puts pressure on a person who wants to do but cannot and is greatly tormented by feelings of guilt and inferiority. this is a man who as if waiting for a signal: to start-attention-march. From somewhere this will allow him to begin activities. unfortunately such a signal is often the dismissal from work or arguments with relatives and friends. Most of the people are procrastinators to a certain extent. realizing the importance and need for a work a person is trying to take the time or even refuses to deal with it finding 1000 and 1 reason to justify himself. Consequences of procrastination procrastination can lead to serious internal conflicts. first of all this is due to the fact that a person reproaches himself for lost time which is irreplaceable. Procrastination can lead to irritability and quick temper. kind of too an internal conflict when a man is angry with himself that he has spent a day in vain did nothing and get so angry. at the same time innocent people can fall under the hot hand. The person also feels a sense of guilt severe loss of personal productivity and also a further complication in business and socially for not meeting responsibilities or commitments. Other consequences of procrastination can be stress nervous exhaustion psychosomatic disorders and much more. To overcome procrastination- manage your time and divide your work according to priority like urgent and important first not important and urgent next and further. Plan your day and work and divide your work according to it. Prepare yourself mentally like instead of i want to do it use i need to do it it will help you definitely. Stay motivated. Say no to yourself for wasting time and doing other things other than work at the workplace. If you are tired take a pause from work and rest for some time.