What is cannabis

Cannabis is the most known recreational drug used. Cannabis is a plant that is grown mostly in hot countries yet it is still grown in the UK under strong uv lights. Most parts of the plant, not just the leaves, can be used. From the stem comes hemp, which can be smoked but is also used for making rope, paper and clothing.

The female plant of cannabis contains more thc (tetrahydrocannabinol) than the male plants which is the chemical which induces the “high” feeling. The effects of cannabis can vary differently between people. Some people get a relaxed feeling or get high, whereas some people get very drowsy and tend to fall asleep. Another after-effect of getting “high” is a quite common dehydrating effect when a person will suddenly feel very thirsty. One would also experience “the munchies” which is a frequently used term to describe the strong desire to binge on food which accompanies the thirst.

There are different ways of taking cannabis most people smoke it in a hand-rolled cigarette, often referred to as a “joint”. Conversely, some people smoke it through a device called a bong which is a kind of pipe and requires no paper. Cannabis can also be eaten plain or can be added in foods. Some people will use “hash” (short for hashish) which is cannabis in its resin form and cook it in things such as baked goods; the most common kind being hash brownies also commonly known as space cakes.

There are several indicators to tell if someone is high on cannabis; if they seem dizzy and have trouble walking or are acting in a silly way or laughing for no reason. Also, a very common consequence of being under the influence of this drug is that the dehydration will cause them to have noticeably red blood shoot eyes.

Lots of people today smoke cannabis for many different reasons. And there are many arguments for why cannabis should be legalised in the UK.

For example, there is a strong argument for people who suffer from debilitating muscle diseases such as MS (Multiple sclerosis) where there are huge benefits to be had from the relaxing and pain numbing effects that cannabis gives them. Clearly from this standpoint the use of cannabis is very important to them.

This is likewise true for people who suffer from other illnesses and cancer where apart from pain management it also helps them to feel better as it reacts well with chemotherapy.

However, there are also people who smoke because they are stressed in general or stressed from high pressure situations at work where they have a lot of responsibility and that makes it difficult for them to relax even when they get home, so they feel the need to resort to cannabis which helps to relaxes them.

Alternatively, there are also those who smoke simply because they like the high they get from it.

Another main reason for why it should be legalised is the huge potential revenue to be made by the Government from taxing the use of it. If it is legalised it can also be controlled so that the really harmful kinds of cannabis do not get sold. It will put an end to dealers peddling it to people from young to old and also have a beneficial knock-on effect to the revenue made by the illegal drug cartels around the world. Already one in five teenagers in the UK regularly take the drug even though it is illegal – and controlling the substance legally will help put a stop to that.

Why is the drug illegal?

No one has directly died from smoking cannabis even though a death can be recorded to have happened with traces of it still in their body.

As cannabis is a class c drug, if someone above the age of 18 is found to have a small amount in their possession which is only enough for personal use – then they will receive a warning. However, one can be arrested if they have had multiple warnings or if they have in their possession enough cannabis to be deemed a potential dealer – whereby someone can be charged for intention of dealing.

Cigarettes and alcohol are legal, why can’t cannabis be legalised?

Smoking has been proven to cause cancers such as lung cancer or other different types of cancer. Excess drinking often causes liver and kidney failures.

As yet in the case of cannabis, studies do not show any resultant diseases or failures to do with the body unless you smoke it regularly to a huge extent. But most people don’t smoke 20 joints a day like one might smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Yet when cannabis is eaten it does not cause the same bad health problems in later life like smoking does. Even though cannabis can be said to cause people to have short term memory loss etcetera – did you know that the same can be said of aspirin? Which can also causes brain problems?

Do cannabis smokers act disorderly and cause trouble like drunk people do?

The answer is No! People who go out to pubs and clubs and get drunk, cause havoc around the streets starting fights, urinating in the middle of the street and end up vomiting. However, most cannabis smokers are at home relaxing or sitting down on their couch with friends staying out of trouble and not offending the public.

In conclusion, I think that if people are allowed to smoke cigarettes even with all the associated risks then it stands to reason that people be allowed to smoke cannabis. After all, people should be able to control their lives themselves and it’s not like it’s a class a drug such as heroin or any of the other more lethal drugs that people become very addicted to and end up dying from. Drugs like heroin for example, are extremely addictive from the very first try – inhale or inject it once – and you’ll develop an immediate dependency.

Someone trying to stop will experience withdrawal symptoms such as intense trembling and loss of appetite, vomiting and the potential shutting down of their major organs like their heart. These drugs can and will kill someone if given the chance. Unlike cannabis for which there is no physical addiction to it. It is much safer and has medicinal effects that are beneficial to people whether seriously sick or simply stressed out in their lives. For these reasons I think that the case for legalising it is that it should be.