What i learned this week

First of all, for being the first week, I feel like a sponge trying to absorb everything I hear and learn. The best part was meeting all my teachers and hear what I will be learning from them. This week I discovered a lot about myself, too.

I realized that I’m a different person now, that everything vive been through in my life has been to get this moment with another mentality, the mindset that I come to learn, that I have to focus on myself and not other people, that this is not a game and I have to work very radar to get where I want to be, etc.I also learned that I have to be prepared as an artist, know and learn as much as you can. And that’s why I started researching about the great stars and icons of musical theatre such as Donna Murphy, Durra McDonald, Gwen Vernon and Mary Martin, etc. I also gave myself the task of watching and studying a musical per week to have more knowledge. And started with Legally Blonde The Musical, because one of my friends sings “Much Better”, which I love, andI have always been interested to see how that was. I’m also working on my first scene for acting class and my partner and I decided to place in a crime scene being sisters, and that’s why I watched this episode of the show “Dexter” to have an approach too sibling relationship in a situation similar to the scene, and start building the characters from there.

This week was to find things in me that I didn’t know they were there and investigate, investigate, investigate.