We their marketing strategy by adopting a powerful

We live
in a world where people need to feel that they belong in a group and that is
why Internet gained success so quickly among us (Dahl, 2007, pp. 75). For a
good understanding of the marketing strategy it is needed to have a good site.
Even though in the beginning the purpose of the big corporations regarding the
site was only to inform the customers, as the informational wave came the sites
started to be more creative (Belch and Belch, 2003, pp. 489-490). Online
advertising is the ‘advertising that appears while consumers are browsing the
Internet, including display ads, search-related ads, online classifieds, and
other forms’ (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 678).Online advertising is
growing day by day. Its rapid growth made it to the top, behind television,
according to Kotler and Armstrong (2013, pp. 430).


related ads is half of the entire online advertising (Kotler and Armstrong,
2013, pp. 530).


of the most riskiest methods of marketing is the e-mail marketing because even
though there is a high chance to target the population properly and to build a
relationship with the customers there is also a negative part which can really
bother the consumers by receiving too many spam messages (Kotler and Armstrong,
2013, pp. 532).




one hand, it is easy now to get in touch with a large number of people when
smartphones are so popular. This is the reason why marketers understand that
mobile marketing is utterly important for every business because it is more
practical for the consumers to see the ads and to relate with the companies
(Kotler and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 533). On the other hand, associations need to
realize that a generous amount of ads will make the consumers infuriated. A
good solution is to inform the customers about what they need so they will be
fully engaged in the process. Online marketing can offer more than any other
form of marketing. Consumers started to buy more and more online and businesses
improved their marketing strategy by adopting a powerful online marketing existence
(Kotler and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 535).


are many advantages that online advertising provides such as the fact that
there are minimal costs, it is easy to target the audience, the ad will work at
any time, it is easy for the customers to buy because they will not spend so
much time as they would do in a regular shop and last but not least online
advertising is so flexible because it can be changed by the owner in a couple
of minutes (Dahl, 2007, pp.74).


media is utterly important not only for promoting a brand or a service, but
also to clarify the issues that the customer can face (Boateng and Okoe, 2015,
pp. 303).




Print ads
are efficient when advertisers want to give the full
particulars of the product or the service (Belch and Belch, 2003, pp.


The most
common print ad is the newspaper and one very important advantage is the fact
that it has credibility to people, unlike the television which is way more
behind (ARENS, 2000, pp. 493).

As a
disadvantage the newspaper is not as popular as other forms of advertising (Kotler
and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 467).




The first
and the most important step for a good radio commercial is the inclusion of
five questions: ‘who are you’, ‘what are you selling’, ‘when do you want
consumers to act’, ‘how can customers get in touch with you’, ‘why should
customers hire or buy from you’ (Dahl, 2007, pp. 108-110).


While TV
commercials cannot target the population in exact terms, for radio ads this job
is much easier and effective. Unfortunately, a big disadvantage regarding radio
advertisements is the fact that people do not pay attention to the ad because
it is not appealing only to hear it (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 467).




In order to have a good TV commercial it is needed to be taken
into consideration the following characteristics: to be appealing to the eyes
of the possible customers and to make individuals understand why it is required
for them to posses that product or experience that service (Dahl, 2007,


TV commercials cannot select precisely the people they want to
target, but they can attract a lot of individuals by appealing to their
emotions. Even so, TV commercials are very expensive and not any brand can
afford buying TV airtime (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 467).


Even though advertisers pay much money for public figures in order
to promote their brand especially on TV this way of advertising is efficient,
because not only they have the power to drag the customer’s attention, but they
also have an impact on public’s opinion (Belch and Belch, 2003, pp. 173).


There is no doubt that individuals want to buy
experiences not just products, therefore companies put a lot of effort in
raising the quality of customer interaction (Ghose, 2009).







There are
some great advantages regarding outdoor advertisements such as: inexpensive,
very appealing to a segment of people and pliability. As a disadvantage,
outdoor ads are restrictive when it comes to creativity (Kotler and Armstrong, 2013, pp. 467).


There are plenty of places where outdoor advertisements appear,
this is because only $6 billion are payed for this type of advertising (Dahl,
2007, p.14).


radio took 38 years to reach 50 million users. Television took 13 years to
reach 50 million viewers. And the Internet took just 5 years to reach the same
number of users’ (Dahl, 2007, pp. 75).


Another technique for promoting an organization
is the business to business digital content marketing. This is for free, but it
is very powerful when it comes to form a bond with other organizations through
its website (Holliman and Rowley, 2014, pp. 275).


loyalty is a difficult task to do, but if the controlled communication and the
uncontrolled communication are assertive there is a high chance that the IMC
programe will be really efficient (Melewar et
al., 2017, pp. 587).