“We always updated. All the information that I

“We all have this one life to live, a fleeting shadow amongst all that exists in this vast universe. We have the ability to accomplish anything if we use our own time wisely.”I have always been interested in astronomy. I’ve even acquired an Asgardian citizenship; a concept that plans to set up colonies for human civilization in space. I started reading more about the Universe and made sure that I was always updated.  All the information that I consumed dealing with big numbers such as distance in light years and the complex names of various planets. I believe that this interest led to the foundation of my interest in Big Data. At present, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in Information Technology. During the course, I’ve enjoyed the Data Mining and Business Intelligence classes the most. I developed an interest in Database Management during my Second Year due to which understanding Advanced Database Management became easy for me. Many of the subjects that I have studied are in line with the MISM program curriculum. Winning the third prize in a surprise coding competition at my college was one of my most memorable academic achievements.Another achievement I’m quite proud of is my Final Year Project. It was titled, ‘College Activity Management System’. The objective of this project was to develop a software portal for schools and colleges for maintaining lecture details, students’ attendance information, and students’ grades. To develop this project we used HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS SQL, and Bootstrap. We ensured the highest possible level of security for the data stored on the SQL servers. We even implemented Result Automation that yields the aggregate percentage up to that instant. The project is still in its developing stage and will be published soon. Another important project that I am working on is ‘Implementation of Random Image Visual Cryptography’, which is based on the Data Encryption method. A new encryption technique is being developed in this project by using Steganography and Visual Cryptography together to add multiple layers of security. To satisfy my hunger for knowledge, I’ve taken up courses to learn SQL-Hadoop, MapReduce, Flume, Sqoop, Hive, and Pig. I completed an internship where I learned to apply all this technical knowledge. I even took the Google Analytics course. I enrolled in a Web Development course where I was trained by a Microsoft Program expert. Another training session I attended was at Pristine Infosolutions, where I learned about Cyber-security. A highlight was when our college arranged a visit to the Google headquarters in Hyderabad and we were exposed to Google’s latest technologies and tools that they are developing for business-driven solutions. I assimilated all my learnings into a paper titled, ‘Development of secured Military-Data Storage Media’ published in the ‘International Journal of Infinite Innovations in Technology’ in July 2017.I attended many National and International conferences during my Third Year and started developing a good network with many IT employers. One such person was Mr. Sunil Nagvekar, who is the director of Saisanket Automation Pvt. Ltd. He asked me to apply for the Data Analyst position at their company. I am working as a Junior Data Analyst here for the past 6 months. During my initial days at Saisanket, I was responsible for visualizing and analyzing unstructured data and converting it into structured data. My seniors also introduced me to better ways of writing algorithms to clean data. This role also allowed me to aid the senior faculty of the organization in developing reports and final analysis while gaining advanced knowledge in cleaning and filtering data. Such a role allowed me to apply my technical and data skills in a real-world setting. This cemented my decision to build a career as a data analyst.Apart from academic and work experiences, I also took a Digital Marketing course and learned the fundamental concepts of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Also, I am proud to say that I currently serve as the President of Indian Youth Parliament for my state. I am also a member of the American Student Government Association, which helps students get updates about trends in the American Education.After the MISM program, I wish to apply the management skills that I’d learn to scale my business that I started in my Third Year. It was a small start-up called ‘Teczoomer’, which used digital marketing techniques. In the long-term, my career goal is to improve medical services. I am not satisfied with the medical services in my country and want to bring a change in healthcare by using methods in Healthcare informatics. I developed a business model for using healthcare services, especially Green Corridor services more efficiently. I have followed the work of students at CMU working to make Health Care IT more efficient by using Machine Learning to predict consumer behavior. Learning with them will help me develop my existing idea.Achieving this career goal is going to take a lot of knowledge, a very strong skill-set, some clever networking, and the knack of seizing the right opportunities. I see the MS Program in Information Systems Management offered by Carnegie Melon University as a means of gaining all of these. During the program, I would like to specialize in Electronic Commerce. The curriculum at your esteemed university aligns well with my career interests and I am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and skill-set through the courses offered in Marketing Digital Media, E-Commerce Tech, Analytics and Bots, Lean Entrepreneurship and Tech Startup among others. I look forward to working with Prof. Rahul Telang as a Research Assistant in his ongoing research project on the Role of the Search Engine, which is used to avoid intellectual property theft. A Master’s degree at Carnegie Melon University will allow me to forge friendships and build networks that will prove useful both professionally and personally. To conclude, I’d like to leverage my experience and learning at Carnegie Melon University to grow into the professional that I dream of being.