Do we want a skate park on Maple Green

The parks and recreation department of the City Council is proposing to build a skateboard park on Maple Green, one of the spacious green areas in the city. Some people argue against and others argue for. I believe that building a skate park on Maple Green will be a bad idea. In this letter I will explain the reasons why I think that putting a skate park on Maple Green is not such a good idea. To begin with, putting a skate park on Maple Green will encourage more youths to come to the park and disrupt the peaceful atmosphere with all the noise they make.

The park is supposed to be a good place for the public to go to enjoy a nice walk or just to get some fresh air. On the other hand, Rosie Wong states “It’s a shame that skateboarding has come to be associated with trouble. Most of the kids who do are nice kids; all they really want is somewhere to go”. I agree that young people need somewhere to go and have fun but perhaps there should be a youth club built for them to go instead of a skateboard park on Maple Green. Another important point is that more young people will come to the park and cause trouble and violence.

The park will become too crowded and youths may start to have fights and arguments. Too many kids at the park may cause rowdiness. The skateboard park may become a hangout spot for gangs and the park will not be such a pleasant place for people to visit. Some argue that it is a good idea to add more activities in the city for young people, but there can be activities centres and youth clubs where they can go. Last but not least, my final point against the idea is that elderly people will not enjoy their visit to the park and will be complaining about how much racket the youths make.

Young people, in particular, can sometimes be very rude and bad mannered towards others and this will destroy the park’s reputation of being a nice and friendly place. Although the park is a very spacious site, the skateboard park will take up too much space. There will also be more littering as more youths come and eventually the park will be full of rubbish. A person for the decision of building a skatepark in Maple Green, may say that young people will be more active and exercise regularly and the obesity rate might begin decrease. However, there are leisure centres in the city where youths are welcome to come and attend.

In conclusion, I believe that there should not be a skateboard park in Maple Green and the park should be kept a peaceful place. Francis Wood-Williams has said, ” Maple Green is a nice peaceful place. If there were a skateboard park, it would be noisier and more crowded. A concrete skate park would be ugly and block the view. ” And as I mentioned earlier, kids and young people should have a place where they can hangout and socialize with one and other but instead of a skateboard park, maybe there can be a youth club where kids can attend. Kids should also be encouraged to exercise daily or go to leisure centres.