Vocabulary Assignment



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Vocabulary Assignment

Design History

1What is a hypostyle hall?

The hypostyle hall was a room that was dark apart from the centre aisle that had a window in the roof that kept it lit. The room also has large columns that resembled papyrus plants. It was used to carry out religious rituals (Geck 50).

2. a.Describe or draw Doric capital

A Doric capital is a column, whereby its upper section has convex molding that resembles a cushion. This molding is called echinus, and the column has a square slab that is known as abacus.

2. b.an Ionic capital

An ionic capital is a column that has scroll-like carving that is spiral. The column also has decorations on both its sides.

2. c a Corinthian capital

It has fluted columns that are slender and decorated with acanthus scrolls and leaves.

3.How was an atrium used in Roman times?

In the roman times, the atrium was used to capture and retain rainwater.

4.Who was Vitruvius?

Vitruvius was an author the book The Ten Books on Architecture.

5.What are clerestory windows?

Clerestory windows are located on the upper portion of a high wall, and they are usually used to give the building natural light.

What is a characteristic feature of Byzantine design?

Byzantine designs have soaring domes, dazzling mosaics, and cavernous interiors.

Alexander Nevski 1

7.What is a characteristic feature of Romanesque design?

The Romanesque is characterized by vaults and round arches. There is also a substation of columns by piers.

Durham Cathedral 1

8.What is a characteristic of Gothic design?

Buildings with Gothic design have stones, pillars, solid walls, and a pointed arch.

Sainte Chapel 1

9.What is a characteristic of Early Italian Renaissance design?

Early Italian Renaissance designs have the characteristic order and regularity in the arrangements of its pilasters and columns.

Chat Palace 1

10.What is a characteristic of High Italian Renaissance design?

The High Italian Renaissance is characteristic of buildings that show an advanced understanding of classicism with geometric forms and numeric ratios dominate.

Philopanoramica 1

11.Who was Andrea Palladio?

Andrea Palladio as an architect was influenced by the Greek and Roman architecture.

12.Who was Andrea Palladio?

Baroque design is characterized by the broader naves that have oval forms, incomplete architectural elements, dramatic or uniform use of light, opulent ornaments and colors, large ceilings, pear shaped domes, illusory effect, and a dramatic central projection on the outside.

Versailles 1

13.What is a characteristic of Rococo design?

Rococo style is characterized by exuberant use of carvings, lightness, elegance, and natural forms of ornamentation.

Serpotta 1

14.Who was Thomas Chippendale?

Thomas Chippendale made immense contributions to the filed of Neoclassical designing styles.

15.What is a characteristic of Neoclassical design?

Buildings that exhibit neoclassical designs have tall columns, domed roofs, triangular pediments, and symmetrical shapes.

Vilnius Cathedral Facade 1

16.What is a characteristic of American Colonial design?

The American Colonial design has the characteristic extensive woodwork, rustic farm furnishings, wide baseboards, crown moldings on windows and walls, handmade furniture, and all wood kitchens.

Four Points 1

17.What is a characteristic of American Federal design?

The American Federal design has simpler decorative motifs that are framed as friezes and panels with elegant and graceful lines.

The Parlour 1

18.What is a characteristic of Victorian design?

Victorian design included eclectic revivals of some of the styles in history and interpretations of the same styles.

Queen Anne Arch, Eureka

19.What is a characteristic of Arts and Crafts design?

The art and craft design has motifs that are reminiscent of medieval design that was angular and rectilinear in style.

Gamble house 1

20.William Morris

William Morris was a textile designer in England who made significant contribution to the Art and Craft movement.

21.What is a characteristic of Art Nouveau design?

Art Nouveau is characteristic of natural structures and forms in curved lines similar to those in plant and flowers.

Art Nouveau 1

22.What is a characteristic of Art Deco design?

Art deco has a linear symmetry and is elegant, modern, glamorous, and functional.

Interior Design 1

23.What is a characteristic of Deconstructivist design?

Deconstructivist design has non-rectilinear shapes that distort elements of architecture.

The Fred and Ginger building 1

Human Factors and Social Responsibility

What does the term “human factors” mean.

Human factors mean the study of abilities of man and the designing of equipment that fits these abilities.

What does anthropometric data deal with?

Anthropometric data is the measurement of human individual.

What are ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship that exists between man and his work.

Give an example of proxemics.

Examples of proxemics are vocalics and kinesics.

What is sustainable (or green) design?

Sustainable design deals with designing objects and services that will comply with principles of sustainability.

Name two concerns that adaptive reuse of a building needs to address.

Two concerns of adaptive reuse are land conservation and Brownfield reclamation.


Name four effects that good lighting can achieve

Effects of good lighting are aesthetic value, serenity, visibility, and positive psychological effects.

Briefly explain how the human eye works.

The cornea focuses on incoming light that passes through the iris and then to the pupil that contracts or expends depending on the amount of light.

What does a point source of light create?

It creates a collimator.

What is diffused light?

Diffused light is light that is scattered and comes from all directions.

How does daylight penetrate interior space (north, south, east, west)?

Daylight penetrates through the ozone layer.

What is task lighting?

Task lighting is increasing luminance in a reading area.

What is ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting is reducing the light as a photographic technique.

What is special lighting used for?

Special lighting is used for a specific purpose and is not a part of a lighting system.

What is the distance of a footcandle?

Lumen is measured by finding the lux at the surface.

How is a lumen measured?

This illumination is given by a candle in one foot.

What is the recommended footcandle level for a movie theater, stairways, word processing or bookkeeping, drafting?

A movie theater needs 14-foot candles; a staircase needs 10-20; a word processor needs 75; drafting needs 50-100.

What is one of the problems of using incandescent (or tungsten) light?

Incandescent light encourages high levels of evaporation.

What is the problem with fluorescent lighting in terms of color quality?

Fluorescent light affects color quality.

Business Interior Design

What are the two kinds of contracts in interior design projects?

Lump sum and unit price contracts.

What is involved in project management?

Management of capital resources.

Name two “do’s” and two “don’ts” of a good designer-client relationship.

Designers should execute the desires of the client at the light time. However, they should not use designs that appeal to them neglecting the needs of the client.

Works cited

Geck, Francis J. The Fundamentals of Interior Design and Decoration. Dubuque, IA: Wm. C. Brown, 1989. Print.