Virmati by her suicidal attempt, everyone enquires about

Virmati falls in love
with Harish, who pressurizes her not to marry, but to continue her education.
Harish asks her to boldly represent herself before her family and her
unwillingness to get married. Virmati was not bold enough to bring it out to
her family, but with much hesitation talks to Kasturi, who gets angry and slaps
her. Virmati in much trauma decides to commit suicide as she is not bold enough
to bring out her opinion. Shocked by her suicidal attempt, everyone enquires
about this and finally she declares she wants to do her higher education and
she does not want to get married now. After this suicidal attempt, Virmati is
house arrested and locked in the godown. 
Finally after much struggle she leaves Lahore for her higher education. Frequent
visits by Harish make their love more strong. It is in this course of time, she
gets pregnant and as the exams are nearing, she has no option than to abort. Mentally
disturbed Virmati faces many obstacles and finally ends up in marrying Harish,
which ends her relation with her mother and other family members. After her
marriage, Virmathi has a very cold welcome from each and every member of Harish
family. In her later days Virmati accepts that it is her biggest mistake of
marrying Harish. Harish is the best example of patriarchal male dominated
society. Harish kept Virmati under his rule and she is expected to follow only
his guidance. Virmati was not even given the choice of naming her daughter and
it was only the decision of Harish. Virmati felt as if she was freed from one
cage to get into another bigger one. Virmati loses her family as they do not accept
her marriage with Harish who is already married with children. Virmati is not
even invited to her sibling’s marriage and they totally neglect her. Virmati
dares to cross the patriarchal threshold, but she is again caught in another
and all she has to do is just to adjust, compromise and adapt to the needs of
the patriarchal family. Virmati becomes totally a loser as she gets herself
alienated from her family and in addition that she also fails to get her own
identity for which she is struggling. Virmathi who breaks the rule when asked
by Kasturi, forces Ida to do the same. Virmathi shows her disappointment on Ida
and tells her to live up to her father’s expectation.