Vanessa social differences overcame the idea of this.

Vanessa Lantigua Junot Diaz Elective Abramyan Boyfriend      At first, after reading Diaz’s “Boyfriend,” from his short story collection, “Drown,” I found it difficult to find meaning within the text, and most importantly finding the overall message Diaz was trying to convey within the story. Once I finally sat, and actually read without the homework in mind, I to grasp the beauty of some lines and, what I hope is an understanding of the text. Through the use of language, Diaz developed the theme of social division.    Within the story, Diaz develops the theme of social division by utilizing language to depict the encounters amongst characters, who similarly struggle from experiences of their past and ongoing relationships. In the story, the narrator developed the habit of listening in upon his neighbors whom he calls “girlfriend,” and “boyfriend,” constantly dwelling on how Boyfriend mistreats and cheats on her. When thinking of his past relationship, the narrator resonates with the girlfriend starting,”It would have broken my heart if it hadn’t been so damn familiar” (Diaz, 112). Despite their physical separation between apartments, and different relationship circumstances, the narrator understands the heartbreak, and distress the girlfriend is currently going through, using her heartbreak to contemplate his own. When describing the girlfriend, Diaz writes “Homegirl was too beautiful, too high-class for a couple of knuckleheads like us. Never saw her in a t-shirt or without jewelry… People like these were untouchables to me, raised on some other planet…” (112). Though they bond in sorrow,The narrator knows an actual relationship between the two is merely possible due to the fact that they could never be friends because she was not of the same social class, and the physical difference between their girlfriend and narrator. The social division, visible to readers, and the narrator from things like wardrobe and accessories, made contact between the two unlikely. Though both were battling the trauma of lost relationships, and had the possibility of a connection through empathy and sorrow, their social differences overcame the idea of this.