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A vampire is a folkloric or mythical creature that is considered as a re-animated human corpse, feeding off human blood and life force. Superior body functions, supernatural powers and transformation ability are part of their characteristics. Vampires are a constant feature in rumors, fictions, cinema and folklore where they show additional character qualities. Various sources differ in the content made available to people with numerous possibilities in existence. A research into this myth will enable a deeper view about vampires and reveal any truth behind this belief.

According to the Tyra Banks Show, which hosted a real vampire for the inquisition about the mythological tale, the featured gusts had quite a lot to say. The show was dubbed Vampire Investigation and the Vampire King, Don was the first guest. Don looks like a normal man, with long hair and long, sharp canines (fangs). The fangs were filed out and lengthened. According to Don, the Emperor, the vampire community is real and has been in existence for quite a long time. He claims that he keeps away from the ordinary energies of society to focus on his studies. Some of the scary scenes portrayed in movies are not entirely true since quite a number of them have religious ties. For instance, the Emperor claims to be an eclectic, interested with lessons from the core religions worldwide to get a greater view of the superior being.

Three types of vampires exist, the blood feeder (Sanguinarian), who feeds on blood to doctor their life force. The next category is the Psychic, who has drifted from dependency on blood since it’s forbidden. The Psychic survives on life force energy by gaining this strength from any living being without lying of hands or touch. The last grouping is a Hybrid who is a mixture of both breeds. As a hybrid, he is specific on the blood type he consumes. It should be healthy and free of any psychotropic drugs. The blood is obtained from the major veins of any human by means of a lancet that is attached to a tube. The blood is poured into a glass, and he drinks from it directly to improve his well being and health. People who have an adrenalin rush assist in transferring that high to the vampire that drinks from them. He neither forces the person nor scares them since he is quite humane.

Vampires possess an individual’s body but the spirit within is not human. A quantity of six inches long blood would be enough per feeding period. The feeling attached to the consumption of human blood is arousing despite the fact that he is celibate. The sexual desire wears off with time as he becomes more fascinated with religion. A bed does not constitute any of his sleep time rather a coffin does. It plays the role of a sensory deprivation compartment, shielding him from any senses on the outside. Don Henry’s birthmarks dropped off over time with constant performance of purification rituals. Sarah, the Vampire Queen, is the second guest. Shoe looks very poised as she walks on set and complements Tyra based on her friends’ comments. Sarah says she has various types of friends, humans and vampires. The black dress code is not necessary; it is not an obligation.

A vampire from birth, she claims that certain traits are stimulated as one matures. A crave for blood is not a liking nor is it an effort to suck blood off anyone. Before her identity as a vampire, she considered herself a freak. She reads people’s minds because she falls under the psychic vampire category. Her sleep time is mostly during daytime hours, a peculiar habit from High School years. Food is not a top necessity as she can survive for many days without any. However, she does generate strength from feeding on energy from people. An interesting similarity from Don and Sarah is that they do not have sexual intercourse. Sarah describes sex as a disgusting activity since the parties involved lose self-control. It is only beautiful when it is between two persons in the appropriate setting. Sex is a purely honorable and cherished act, as opposed to the society’s view of being highly acceptable anyhow.

Vampyra, the final guest, lives in a double setting. At an age of eighteen, she felt the desire to acquire energy from people, a trait of the Psychic vampire. Her name is derived from a horror female actor in an ancient movie who pioneered that field of acting. A meticulous liking for cemeteries characterizes her and she defines them as quiet, relaxing and a stress reliever. Death, in her words, ‘is a new beginning.’ One of her favorite eating habits includes the flavor of human flesh in her mouth. However, Vampyra does not tear skin off people, this she considers unsafe, and any effort to rid the masses of disease would not change her disliking. She likes the feel of a person’s blood on her hands. The individual should be someone she is close to, who does not mind having cuts on their skin. They have to be tested prior to the activity, and the sterile blades are put into use only once. It gives her a boost in energy as blood flows from her victim.

The cut has to be pleasurable to both parties so that the person’s energy also goes up in the process. As opposed to the previous guests, Vampyra is not against the idea of having sex. Sarah clarifies that the sexual urge is normally present, and so has the effective study and understanding of it been done. Her sexuality is successful in dominating people and pushes their bodies to a more spiritual state. Vampyra’s donor was her ex-husband, but she is currently negotiating the terms of her relationship with her current boyfriend to include him as her blood donor. Having not been familiarized to the pain, her boyfriend is against it. Alternatives include the use of scalpel blades that slice through the skin with no pain implicated. Her closest friends are members of a vampire group, who are closely attached to her. The family of friends uses a static electricity tool to get power from people.

They first pour alcohol on them and the static electricity generated from their skin flames up the liquor. The fear generated from their victims, when they are put on fire, is a great source of life-force energy for her. The victim in this case describes the feeling as just a rush of adrenalin in their body and not a scary activity. The fire is almost put off immediately after the adrenalin rush is replaced with a bit of pain. The energy donor in this case is Vampyra’s son, who does not mind the idea. Vampyra attended classes to learn how to light that fire and quickly put it off. The information gathered from the survey subjects in the Vampire Investigation episode show varying likes and traits with differences bearing higher ground. It would not be suffice to believe in the vampire idea when the subjects did not bring out the whole concept in totality. As shown by a variety of responses from the audience in participation, the vampires remain, as they have always been, a myth.

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