V#4 Daniel Kraft



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V#4 Daniel Kraft

Nanoscience and nanotechnologies are described as an entry into the future world. This is because they will enable production of new materials after alteration with nanotechnologies. In addition, such will enable and increase sustainability in the world because of the numerous capabilities attributable to complex molecular and atomic structures. Furthermore, this will also create a new economic avenue in the production of high quality products.

1- What new terms were introduced?

Leveraging cross-disciplinary exponentially growing technologies. Low cost gene analysis where individuals are able to get information about their gene structure with ample speed and ease in comparison to traditional methods of gene data analysis. Computational bio-informatics- the use of computers for study of biological information of patient or subject of study with the aim of establishing vital information for eventual diagnosis and treatment.

Nano-Medicine- the use of microchips and small gadgets for studies, diagnosis and treatment of ailments. Genomics- the study of genes and DNA traits with the aim of establishing traits, presence of weaknesses and strengths. Brain computer interface used by disabled individuals for the control of brain functions and eventual control and coordination of bodily functions. Hybrid assisted limbs whereby individuals with physical disabilities are able to use these gadgets as alternative limbs for comfortable lifestyles.

2- What new ideas were introduced?

Exponential technologies are the way of medicine in the future. They have availed cheaper, faster, better treatment, and diagnostic medical process in the modern world. Hence, the gradual advancements in technology are bound to continue with the rate of development to produce better technologies in medicine. The new developments promise that the cost of medicine will be reduced given the current trends in reduction of medical prices due to rapid technological advancements. Furthermore, such will ensure fast and reliable procedures in diagnosis and treatment with higher chances of success in medical procedures.

New technologies and present ones enable individuals with disabilities to exercise movement even in instances of total loss of function of such with artificial hybrid limbs.

In addition, the narrator also introduced new ideas of nano-medicine whereby individuals in the medical world will posses the ability to treat and diagnose heart diseases. In addition, the use of exponential technologies or artificially intelligent technologies aimed for use in various medical fields such as digital diagnostic medicine, robotic surgery, nano-medicine, neurology and genomics. In addition, the development of artificial retinas and eyesight enablers could soon be new means of enhancing eyesight for individuals who have lost the ability of such. This could provide people with new opportunities to experience life to the fullest.

3- What did you learn?

From the footage, it is evident of the great role of technology in modern medicine through the provision of diagnosis, treatment and personalized care. The author stated a point, which I found as extremely important, is the treatment of heart attacks with the use of marrow stem cells. In addition, exponential technologies according to the doctor are more intelligent than man, enabling man to come up with new forms of healthcare and treatment of diseases. In addition, these technologies could also enable diagnostic process with the aim of giving early treatment of various ailments. For instance, there are mobile phones in use, which use applications programmed to give diagnosis on various clinical ailments as well as progress for diseases such as diabetes for blood glucose levels. In addition, the same could also be used to monitor heart betas and pacemaker functions by a patient form the mobile phone.

The trends in technology and such advancements have had a significant impact on modern day medicine and its conducts. This is evidenced by the wide application of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis processes of complex procedures. They enhance the formation of detailed studies and conclusions about the various diseases or ailments of patients. In addition, gadgets such as self-assembling and swallable modular robots are new ways of diagnosis of ailments in the gut

4- How can you use this in organizations?

The information form this organization is helpful and reliable as the organization incorporates ideas from professionals within the medical field. In addition, this organization is used by the best and numerous medical professionals with adequate knowledge and passion for their various fields of medicine. Hence, from the organization new information about new technologies and medical procedures could be availed for individuals with chronic ailments.