A Typical week without electricity

Today was a weird day I woke up this morning with the sound of the storms and thunder around me I couldn’t believe my eyes and I kept looking around trying to find someone,I thought it’s a dream I tried to rub my eyes for several times but nothing was happening was it the end of the modern age?

In this moment all I could think about what’s happening I kept looking until I saw a shadow coming toward me and it was getting bigger and bigger until it arrived I realized it was my little brother and my mother I ran and hugged them and asked them what happened, my little brother was crying and my mum kept silent I didn’t get anything going on but I knew there’s something wrong going on I turned around and I figured out that we were in the middle of no where I kept silent listening to the blowing winds until I heard my mum saying ” you’re dad was looking for you and he is probably coming back”.

We stayed under a tree for few the whole night , In the morning I heard my little brother laughing I opened my eyes slowly and I saw him playing with my other brother in the sand while my mum and dad was arguing about what was happening I went and sat with my brothers until my mum called us and said ” we should a way of survival” . we started walking and looking for a shelter until we saw our house !! it looked pretty old and damaged like if its been 150 years .. ur neighbors survived and came and joined us there was no electricity at all. we spent some time rising with the sun and going to bed when the sun set. Anyway, once the sky start turning dark my brother started building a small campfire in our backyard. Wasn’t exactly that fun with all the smoke from burning the woods but we didn’t have much to do until we start watching movies ; TV shows on the laptops ,feeding off their batteries.

Schools were closed for the following couple of days and this was the best part of it all ( no school !! ) so we didn’t have anything to do we start running out of food and water , food got stinked because there was no fridges mobile phones went of because we couldn’t charge it back life was so different and boring .. until I felt someone was shaking me I opened my eyes and it was my mum waking me up for school 🙂 it was only a dream !!