Tony Kytes – The arch deceiver and Kate Chopin’s – The unexpected

Tony Kytes – The Arch Deceiver is about a man who is being dishonest to 3 women at the same time. He is doing this because he cant decide which woman he loves and wants to marry. He has all three women in his cart and lies to each of them. Each of the women have very different personalities.

Kate Chopin’s – The Unexpected is a story about two lovers who relationship is broken by illness. When the woman is finally allowed to she her lover her love almost stops because all of his good looks have gone and he looks ill and old.

The women in stories have very different personalities. Two follow by the traditional way of the times but the other two don’t and are somewhat independent for the times.

Unity is a traditional girl but is very persuasive in what she says but does what she’s told. Tony likes her but is engaged to Milly.

Milly is engaged to Tony and they both are in love. Milly is obviously more in love than Tony because he wouldn’t have said anything to Unity.

The third woman in this story is Hannah. Tony likes her for her independence. She is the most independent of the three women.

In the unexpected there is only 1 woman in the story she is called Dorethea. At the start of the story she is a devoted fianc�e and loves her fianc�e with all her heart. But when he goes ill she doesn’t see him for ages, when she gets to see him her feeling for him completely change because of his appearance. He looks ill and old so her love may have been based on looks.

The writer opinions of the women in the 19th century were that they were out for a marriage more than love so that they could just move out of their parents and live out on their own or with a lover.

The writers approach is sexual and physical attractions by not talking bluntly about it just phrasing things in a way that makes the reader think about it etc. The words used are very persuasive and clever.

In the unexpected there is a lot of passion from Dortethea at the start but is quickly reduced through the story with seeing her lover after his illness. She has barely any passion after she see him because he looks so bad.

All the women in the stories want one thing, money. I is what they strive for in the nineteenth century. The women do not show it but if you look they each want it.

In the Arch Deceiver all three women want Tony because he is from a well of farming background and he is also a farmer himself. In the nineteenth century farmers had a lot of land because the population was growing and they all needed feeding.

In the Unexpected the girl want The man because of two reasons, his looks and his money. She knows he can be supported by him for all her life, but then he gets ill and cant work so he looses money and she isn’t sure if she loves him anymore. I may be because he looks like a old frail man but I think that there is some truth in that but I think that it is more about money than anything.

Randall offers her money to stay with her, she considers this and it gets her attention very quickly. This is another example of what I think women were really after in the nineteenth century.

All Together I think that women in the nineteenth century were all after the same thing, money. They all look and act different on the outside but the truth in my mind is that all they wanted was a lot of money which would keep them happy for the rest of their lives. They would marry anything for money and then have little flings with handsome men who just had looks.

To a modern reader (i.e. me) the stories seem that the women just were out for money not love, and the women were a bit ruthless to get money. Cheating and persuasive language.

I think that the women main goal in life was to get marred so that they can leave home and have money.