Today, (Bishop). Secondly, the poem also has power

Today, I read a poem “The Fish”, this poem is written by Elizabeth Bishop and is all
about catching a big fish. In my opinion, this poem is not like some poems are
from writers imagine, it is a true experience of Elizabeth Bishop, because
there are lots of sentences could show images to readers. And I also realized some
characteristics form this poem could prove the statement of the article “What the Image Can Do”. For instance, a
poem has the power of image, spoken language and sound.

First of all, in my opinion, I think the most
interesting characteristic is the image, because it is the arm of words, it is
a power could let people have images in their mind while they read the words. For
example, from the first sentence “I caught a tremendous fish and held him
beside the boat half out of water.” (Bishop) I could see a woman sitting in a
boat and catching a big fish. And after that, she used similes to help intensify
the imagery. The author described what the fish looked like. She said that “his
brown skin hung in strips like ancient wallpaper, and its pattern of darker
brown was like wallpaper” (Bishop).

            Secondly, the poem also has power of
spoken language, in other words, the tone and word choice also have power. For
instance, we could see the author’s tone changed from excited
to respect. She is happy because she caught a big fish, however, her tone changed
when she found that there are five big hooks in fish’s mouth. we could see five
big hooks as the honor of the fish, because we don’t know how many times the
fish fight with fishers and survived. That is also why author respect this fish
and let it go.

            Thirdly, the poem has
the power of sound,