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To begin, global warming is the rapid increase in Earth’s average climate change in temperature over the past hundred years around the world. The main cause of global warming is the emission of gases that absorb by the atmosphere from the radiation is known as the greenhouse effects. One of the effects of global warming is the climate that changes the extreme weather rapidly such as the rise of sea-levels, deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. It could be argued that the rapid climate change is may due to the rising of Earth’s temperature. As temperature in the atmosphere changes or rises, the sea-level will also, be increased. Following which, the burning of fossil fuel is also cause by the bad air pollutants that affect human being.   Subsequently, the greenhouse gas is another cause of global warming. It radiates the heat and affects the increase of strong heat in the atmosphere such as the water vapor, carbon dioxide and other air pollutants that gives the greenhouse effects. It is the most affected greenhouse gas and reacts fast back by the climate that changes. Without water vapor, clouds or rain would not evaporate from the surface of the Earth. Water evaporates from the surface of the Earth and cools it down. Other gases such as carbon dioxide is also one of the colorless gas that has been released to the atmosphere’s temperature, affecting the natural processes through human activities that is deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. The most common of releasing the energy is the burning of fossil fuels such as turning of gas fire, electricity or power.   Next, the fossil fuel is the source of energy that form natural process. It is the release of carbon dioxide such as hydrocarbons, primarily coal, fuel oil or natural gas that have been in the Earth for over a million years. One of the effects of global warming is that the greenhouse gases are the gas that is affecting the environment that has produce a radiant energy within the range of thermal infrared. Global warming has already been affected by the social community, human’s health and climate changes in the environment. It has all kinds of human activities whether is it in the industry or in the field like the deforestation, concerning with the transport or at home could be the producing of increased quantities of gases, into the atmosphere.   Additionally, climate changes can be due to the human activities have contribute to the atmosphere. The examples of human activities that contribute to the climate change are greenhouse gases and a small particle in aerosols. According to the European Environment Agency, one of the most contributions to the climate change is the burning of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels to the atmosphere that is causing is the releasing of carbon dioxide. (as cited in Solomon et al., 2007).  It is accepted that a scientist said that “While oxygen known as the O2, is the second most large gas in the atmosphere, but O2 does not absorb thermal infrared radiation. Given the statistics, it is evident that “The first studies have believed that adding the effect of greenhouse gases was from the industry or the agriculture that increase the heat temperature”.  During the past few years, temperature in Singapore has gradually increased in double the global rates, and that is from the period between 1948 and 2015, the temperature in Singapore has increased in average of about 0.25-degree Celsius per year. Singapore will soon will be facing an issue to sea level rising. And according to Straits Times Singapore, Sea levels in Singapore are predicted to have risen between 0.25m to 0.76m at the end of the next hundred years. And during last two year of 2016, the coastal of Nicoll Drive in Changi have been raised by up to 0.8m. On   As Earth is becoming warmer, creating awareness must be taught to others about the cause of global warming can be prevented and to take action to it. There are many different kinds of ways to prevent and continue worsening from global warming. Such as cars using gas that causes the heat around the atmosphere can be reduced less heat, and or using electricity that can also cause to have climate changes. Cars that can consume a lot of fuels as it can lead to a bad and dirty fuel injector. Symptoms can be shown are by the poor performance and it can cause an increase of fuel consumption and bad health at risk.   It can be seen that there are many ways that can be prevented from global warming. For instance, car engines can be quite smelly and bad that bring out more dirty air to the atmosphere. To not let the car engine goes idle, the most common solution is to turn off the engine if the engine is still running for more than a minute. The reason is that to keep the air cleaner, the environment from more air pollution and lastly it also saves a lot of fuel. An effective way for the future is implementing a world car-free day campaign. Many different countries have already planned to implement this campaign about the car-free day. According to Singapore The Straits Times, Singapore has launch the first car-free day on Sunday, 28 February 2016, held at the Central Business District and Civic District area. These activity public can participate in many different kinds of sports or an exercise activity such as a mass walking, jogging, cycling, basketball and or other different sports.   Another way can be applied using the 3Rs’, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The 3Rs represents the eco-friendly way to reduce, reuse or recycle from the natural resources. The natural resources are the air, water, minerals, fossil fuels and other Earth’s natural resources. Burning of waste is not an efficient way to reduce waste but instead it will generate to the global warming. According to Straits Times Singapore, the National Environment Agency, Singapore has setup to launch a food wastage campaign that were found on the back of a survey from the consumers (2015). On Nov 23, an awareness about the food wastage will be promoting on all social media platforms even on the Television, newspaper, and at bus-stops. The National Environment Agency team have also collaborated a number of supermarkets such as the NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and other supermarkets. Food place store like Subway to place poster stickers around most food courts on table to help consumers remember not to waste food.  Hence, reducing from global warming is the most common issue from the electricity usage. It produces electrical energy that forms energy that replaces the fossil fuels. It prevents from using too much energy from running the electricity. By preventing it, saving electricity at home is the most efficient and effortlessly ways to do it. The solution is by replacing standard bulbs into a compact fluorescent lightbulb as it is energy-saving than the standard lightbulb. The next solution is by switching off or removing the cable appliances while not using it. Instead of consuming a lot of air-conditioner, use fan to replace so that it can save electricity energy as air-conditioner consumes a lot of electricity usage.  In conclusion, this essay could have been the main impact in human’s health. This can be increase in higher temperature such as in the atmosphere. Therefore, it changes in peoples live that could have risk their health, vulnerable to climate change, and how the social community have adapted to changes. Last but not least, it is reasonable to predict that raising to more awareness such as talks by the doctor that is professional doctors in collaboration to lower risk’s health.