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To take a journey in art is to follow the path that is never-ending. I believe, for those who choose art – it is not a career or a hobby but a passion, a way of life, a preferred lifestyle. The decision to study art as a university course is my life long goal which I spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming about. Despite of having a very good academic background in Architecture, I finally discovered it is art where my real passion lies. It was not very easy for me to follow my dream but after battles against myself and for the strong desire to follow my passion, I have finally decided to proceed ahead with Art and Design.Why art?We all see the world differently and when I take a moment to look around me; my mind starts to buzz with ideas about my material surroundings. As an artist I view the world differently. Rather than seeing a rusty nail, artists see silver, brown oranges, or golds. Swirling shapes and flat surface. It is my dream to study world this way, the visual attributes and aesthetic properties of subject-object and examine how they could be expressed through different colors shapes and lines.Goal and AmbitionsMy future as I see it will have art as an anchor. I would hope that after completing my degree, I will still continue my studies further and later make a professional career. I never imagined not staying connected to the art community and to a world of talent and imagination where anything is truly possible.Educational background and Interests in different mediumAlthough in my secondary school and high school I didn’t have the opportunity to take any art courses, I was always very passionate about art that I took paid online courses. For almost a year, I had been studying under the instruction of world-renowned Artists in Schoolism Academy and later New Masters Academy. When I was in those academies, I was so captured by exploring the different disciplines, mixing and experimenting with colors, textures, lights and different mediums and effects that I found myself taking my work further than what I ever expected. And this is just because of pure enjoyment and curiosity. I strongly feel that I already possess the skills necessary to enter this course as I came this far just by my own passion and interest. A lot my motivation in art and design also comes from others interpretation of it.  Over the last few years, I didnt produce art during my spare time rather I took it as a full time profession. Since April 2017, almost everyday I spent 7-8 hours producing artworks or learning from online tutorials. I have experimented with all aspects of art and design. From abstract painting using water colour, gouash, acrylic and oil painting to detailed pencil portraits, comics, figure and gesture drawings, and every field of digital arts.As a Work experiences and your determination. Also demonstrates your skillsI jump at the chance to dive deep into any kind of art project for work line like designing adverts for some store. I illustrated a children’s book as a project for the Save The Children Organisation. Which is being taught in school over 6 different countries. I also designed an interior of a local restaurant where I did wall murals and Graffiti. I lead a team of 6 artists and successfully finished the project following a very tight deadline. I am currently working as a freelance artist for different organizations. Very recently I had been commissioned by a Canadian gallery to produce 90 artworks for following their guidance. I love the design process but working with my hands to accomplish a finished product is the most rewarding feelings for me.Influences and desired art styleThe most influential artists for me is Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and last but not least Vincent van Gogh. Impressionism attracts me because of its prominent brush strokes, open composition and the emphasis on accurate depiction of light and ordinary subject matter in a very different way.  In turning away from the fine finish and detail to which most artists of their day aspired, the Impressionists aimed to capture the momentary, sensory effect of a scene – the impression objects made on the eye in a fleeting instant. To achieve this effect, many Impressionist artists moved from the studio to the streets and countryside, painting en plein air. The Impressionists loosened their brushwork and lightened their palettes to include pure, intense colors seems fascinating to me. Part of the Impressionist idea was to capture a split second of life, an ephemeral moment in time on the canvas: the impression. Some of the favorite impressionist arts are L’Absinthe by Edgar Degas, Vetheuil in the Fog by Claude Monet, Most of the arts in my art portfolio are more like impressionism style. As for landscape artists Richard Schmid. Edgar pine influences me a lot.AmbitionI have a big amition. I dream of working for world famouse studios like Pixar, disney, tonko house etc.Hobbies and admiration for artistsKeeping touch with the art community is vital for me. It is a community where no matter where you live or whatever your background you can meet with like-minded people to interact with and discuss views, exchange ideas to learn new things. Find a new artist that see the new exhibition.ConclusionI feel confident about my own artistic ability, and crave the opportunity to discuss and debate artistic topics with like-minded people. I know that the design process is one which demands total commitment, of time, patience and sheer human energy, but I can imagine no more satisfying occupation. I am choosing to study abroad to meet new people and discover different culture change my entire environment and move out of my comfort zone. Which I think is where most people tend to produce their best works. I want to use the power of imagination and the ability to make an idea into something tangible into a future into a career. There is no right or wrong in art and it can be translated in a million different ways. Art is not a career choice but it is a lifestyle choice. It is my choice and always will be. I hope you will consider my application.