Timeline and lost ownership of Golan Heights to


– Syria and Jordan were conquered by Egypt

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– In Damascus over 25,000 Christians were assassinated

– Faysal I crowned the King of Syria

– Syria entered WWII
when President Shukri al-Quwatli declared war on Nazi Germany.

            1967 – Syria was a part of the
Six-Day War against Israel; they were defeated and lost ownership of Golan
Heights to Israel.

            1980 – Assassination attempt on Syrian
president Hafez al-Assad by Muslim brotherhood member

            1991 – Syria takes place in Gulf War
against Iraq and loses.

            2008 – United States accuses North
Korea of

            2012 – In one month, more than
100,000 Syrians fled the country

            2013 – Over 2 million Syrians are registered
as refugees

            2014 – Iran sends 30,000 tons of
food supplies to help with the shortages


1945 – Syria enters WWII
when President Shukri al-Quwatli declared war on Nazi Germany.

            This event is so important to Syria’s history because
WWII was one of the biggest wars in the world. This was also the time where
they were under French’s control. It is important to know that they were a part
of WWII because they helped to stop a man who had killed 7,000,000 Jews, which
is a huge amount of people.

2012 – In one month, more
than 100,000 Syrians fled the country

            This event is important to Syrian history because these
past few years of the civil war has been horrible and one of the worst times in
Syrian history. It’s important to their history to know why so many people have
been fleeing the country. They are scared and don’t want themselves or their
family getting killed.






Article Summaries

Women at the Forefront of Saving Syria’s Heritage

Few women in Syria are
trying to preserve the cultural heritage of Syria. By sharing recipes and
stories these Syrian women are making sure that their traditions and culture
live on despite the horrible civil war happening causing many Syrians to be
spread out across the world. The cultural heritage can show unity between the
people and be helpful during this hard time they are going through.


Assad and Putin Meet, as Russia Pushes to End Civil

and Putin meet as they get one step closer to ending the Civil War that has
been going on for 6 years. Putin and Trump had a phone call talking about how
they need to allow refugees to go home, end the war and fight terrorism. Russia,
aiming to end the feud said the military operation is coming to an end and need
to find a political settlement that will last.


Jordan Allows One-off Aid Drop to Rukban Border Camp

the border of Syria and Iraq the Rukban border camp received one aid drop on
Monday. The United Nations requested the aid drop and the authorities of Jordan
allowed it. Once Jordan had sealed its border with Syria the refugees have been
trapped there. Since the start of the civil war around 1.5 million Syrians fled
to Jordan.


Mother and Daughter
who Opposed Bashar Assad Regime Killed in Turkey

            Mother and Daughter who were against
President of Syria Bashar Assad were found dead in their apartment in Turkey.
It was reported that they were stabbed multiple times and their throats had
been slit. The Syrian opposition community was left in shock and fearing for
their lives. In 2015 2 extended family members were shot in their home in North
Carolina. A relative in North Carolina Suzanne Barakat posted on facebook, “How many more beloved family members will I lose to
hatred and violence? We are not safe


Turkey Says
Trump Promises to Stop Arming Kurds in Syria

            President Trump ordered the U.S.
Generals to stop supplying arms to the Kurdish fighters in Syria. Since the
battle of Raqqa has finished the U.S. is now working on ensuring that ISIS
cannot return. The Kurds have been a huge help to the U.S. and to stop supplying
them with arms this could make a huge change.



Flee as Syria Forces Press Further Into Idlib

            Syrian troops push to gain ground in
northwestern Idlib province, forcing thousands to flee to the border with
Turkey. The main target seems to be an airbase on the southeastern edge of
Idlib. On Sunday troops gained control of a town less than 20km away from the
airbase.  As fighting continues, human
rights groups have expressed concern that a government offensive in Idlib could
cause large destruction and further displacement.


War in the Arab World Has Devastated
the Region’s Heritage

though the Middle East is used to their ruins, the last 3 years have probably
been the worst for them. Most of the ruins are caused by the war, even the
allies of Syria have caused some of their things to be blown up. Air strikes
have destroyed most of the city and the ending of the war could help rebuild
the country.