Throughout to design for my seniors and my

Throughout my life, I’ve been always reminded
recurrently how creative and inventive I am. Since childhood, my understanding
of the world has been more or less inclined towards the mechanical and
aesthetic essence of the things around me. I still remember when I was small, watching
different product and how they work has always  captivated my attention at a prime level. The
discrete color schemes and patterns used in the designs used to fascinate me a
lot. Working with  broken toys  and repairing in primary school to practicing
advanc drawing techniques in high school, the artistic world has always
inspired me. After completion my school I was not much aware of B.Des so any
how I managed to get seat in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.


My perception of mechanical was more towards
practical approach but as the year passed everything was more theoretical
rather than practical. I was not felling satisfied. So I went on to learn different
designing software and started to explore various designing field. I used to
design and manipulate CAD models on different CAD software like CREO, Solid
works   and Ansys workbench in my leisure time. As I
became confident in operating them, I began searching for prospective opportunities
in order to built confidence. I went on to design for my seniors and my
classmate and I started to earn. Even I started to help my professor. Since I
didn’t had much idea about these software before undergraduate education,
working on them made me even more anxious. My experience in this field helped
me lot when I got the chance to work with SAE BAJA team as a designer during my
second year of undergraduate. I was also the runners up in Computer aided
design(CAD)in State level competition. As I was initially relatively unaware about
the science behind industrial designing, I found the content quite challenging,
but as I progressed, I found myself building the required skill set.


I felt software skills are not enough as they
are just the tools ,what is  more
important is the thought process .software skills cannot help to increase our
creativity so I went on to boost my creativity by attaining different startup programs,
seminars, reading books and participating in different competition. I went on
to become runners up in Ideathon event at vishwakrma collage though we were not
provide certificate  but I was feeling quite
satisfied and I realized that always do what you love to do doesn’t matter what
kind of work it is.My team and I 
presented project on Generation of Hydrogen Fuel in INDIAN INSTITUTE IF
MANAGEMENT organized by Hi-Tech.Only twenty teams were selected from all india
and we were one of them.

In the beginning of my last year of
undergraduation, I had the opportunity to pursue internships at experthub where
I was awarded the best intern. After completion of my graduation I had chance
to work with one my school friend in his startup company PUNYA AGROTECH where I
helped him to design incubation device.after completion of this successful
project I went on to work with Symmetric solution where I learned my  my first designing software CREO 2.0.I was
offered the job as they were aware of my skill set. And thus I went on
working  with  different start-ups as well as mid-sized
companies where I have played important roles and contributed in adding value
to the company. My work in symmetric solution  incorporated legoquodcopter, vibrating motor designing,
mini electric car designing which assisted me in developing component time
management skills, creative thought process, acute problem-solving ability and
most of all creating meaning out of the end product.besides being good in academics
I always spare time for sports.I was the captain of collage football team and
part of basketball and volleyball team.I was the sports captain of Mechanical
Department.I always believe that a healthy body is very important for healty


Working in the professional world and
interacting with actual clients on daily basis, I realized that still I am not
aware of some of the regulations and practices of the design industry. Despite
having good designing skills, I have noticed that my work faces some hindrance.
Designing the product beautifully alone is not sufficient for achieving the
desired result. As a designer, my objective is not only to focus on the
aesthetic nature, but also use variety of methods to efficiently solve the
problem and provide comfortably to user. It is also important to have
management and leadership potentials, as well as an understanding of the
cultures and markets to sell their work. Perhaps most importantly, designers
must be able to comprehend the client’s needs and be able to imagine the
desired end state beforehand and then work towards reaching it. 


Through the Master of Engineering  Design program offered by the Mcmaster University,
I look forward to acquire  myself with
brand new ideas and study all other facets of design that I have not been able
to learn  in my undergraduate course to
become a complete product designer. It will allow me to gain necessary skills,
along with enabling me to explore the vast extent of designing field . I am
positive that I will fulfill my responsibilities as a designer towards the
society and the environment while eventually devolving the knowledge and experiences
to better shape peoples life.