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This continuously changing world of ours which is going through a technological advancement process every moment needs a better and everlasting power source as solar energy. Sun, a sphere of hot plasma is the star center of solar system, and the provider of solar energy is one of the most important sources of energy available to earth. The acceptance of solar energy as the energy for the greener future has been confirmed by the scientists all over world. Developed countries of the world have already invested in modernizing the technology for making solar energy more applicable for the future.Solar energy sustains an important position among all the renewable energy sources available. Though, solar energy comes with a higher cost of conversion but abundant supply makes it reliable to proceed. Investment in the development of solar energy will have longer time benefits on issues like lowering the cost of managing global warming, reducing pollution and more importantly unlimited power source. Planet earth absorbs approximately 3850000 EJ per year. This number is about two times higher than the amount of energy can be obtained from of all non-renewable combined at once. In order to turn this huge solar power into usable electric power, we need modify existing technology into more advance state or we have to invent new technology. Solar power is the converted sun light into electricity through the direct process Photovoltaic in short PV or the indirect one, Concentrated Solar Power in short CSP. PV is method we use on rooftops of houses or offices. It method converts light into electric energy using photoelectric effect. CSP uses lenses or mirrors and advanced tracking system to concentrate a large area of sunlight into a small beam and use it uses it as a heat source of a conventional power plant. There is also a hybrid system which operates by using the main principles of these two forms. For general people, PV is more convenient for everyday use at present and all the technology for renewable energy sources it more frequently seen all over the world.Technological development is an ongoing process for solar power. Solar power usage has come a long way from warming water in households to lighting bulbs. In households people use solar panels, which is an outcome of PV technology. The solar panels consisted of solar cells converts lights into electricity. First solar cell was invented by Charles Fritts in 1880. German Engineer Bruno Lange developed a photo cell using silver selenide in 1931. His prototype was not cost efficient as it converted less than 1% light to electricity. In 1954, Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin created silicon solar cell which had efficiencies of 4.5%-6% at the unit cost of $286.Mordern PV system produces DC power by rippling with the sunlight’s intensity. For practical use this needed to be converted into AC current by a converter. Multiple modules are wired together to produce power at desired condition maintain required voltage, frequency and phase. CSP is form which is more industrial usable than residential. Stirling dishand, compact linear Freshnel relector, parabolic through are some of best known concentration technologies available. There are various techniques available to track and focus light. These systems use heated working fluids by the sun to generate power. Thermal storage efficiency allows up to 24 hour electricity generation.From the early development of solar power technology to present world, the humanity and science have come a long way in search of knowledge and advancement. Solar energy research primarily started with an expectation that coal would soon become scarce.. Electrification with solar energy is much more efficient and therefore leads to a significant reduction in primary energy requirements; because most renewables don’t have a steam cycle with high losses (fossil power plants usually have losses of 40 to 65%) .But now it is not only about insufficiency of fuel. If we want to live in a greener, prosperous, healthy world, we must invest our labor and money on solar energy, which is unlimited free and environment friendly