This to his scholastics, he moreover devoted some

This is my delight to compose the recommendation letter for
Arun who has completed Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical. I have tutored Arun,
Operation Management and I found him exceptionally sincere, prompt and mindful
in class. His dynamic cooperation in the course brought more current viewpoints
in numerous discussions.

Arun is an extraordinary person with a solid character. He
has the capacity to deliver amazing outcomes about in a wide assortment of
ranges. A has exceeded expectations in his scholastics. He has got great
communication abilities. He has solid ethical and moral standard. He has
continuously shown significant dynamism amid discourses. He has right disposition
required for research and I can guarantee that in case he gets the right
presentation and environment, he will meet enormous success in his graduate
study at your university. I remember him as one of the most confident and
enthusiastic understudies our college ever had. His inclination for learning,
earnestness and his examining quality are few of the solid points worth

In addition to his scholastics, he moreover devoted some of
his time volunteering at Kala Carnival which is a social and specialized fest
at JnanaVikas Institute of Technology. His position required him to organize
the reserves. He felt volunteering is a vital part, in which he learned
administration and how to prioritize the work. The abilities obtained through
it will be advantageous to all his future endeavors.

Arun has the capacity to oversee and organize his time and
plan around diverse exercises without interfering with college. His experience
at JnanaVikas Institute of Technology provided him the aptitude that he needs
for graduate program. I am beyond any doubt you will discover him to be a
student whose gift will as it were sparkle assist through your graduate
program. I will profoundly prescribe him for his admission to your university.
In case you need further information, please be free to contact me.