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This article talks about how young children in Palestine who spend all day until sunset on the streets, working or selling small things to make money for there families. In last two decades, children working under child labor has increased; in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This is due to the deterioration of the socio-economic conditions in the Palestinian community, which is heavily dependent on and vulnerable to the fluctuations and closures in the Israeli market. israeli checkpoints make a natural gathering place for child workers because of the permanent queues of people waiting to pass through the barriers. Most of the children here work to support their families, pay for school fees and their basic personal needs. They work an average of 9.45 hours every day, with some working as long as 12 hours, and their average daily earnings are 20-30 shekels (approx. $5-8). By working in these hostile and tense environments, the children are at significant risk of being caught in a crossfire or being abused by other children, the Israeli army or the Palestinian police. There are three main reasons why there is a lot of child labor going on in Palestine. Poor education, poverty, and house demolition. Child labor is a huge force in Palestine because of Poor Education Systems. Many families come from a low income and families need to send their children to work. Many of the children work in dangerous, and hazardous workforces every day. Having these innocent children work in dangerous workforces has led to an inability for children to adapt to the formal school system has also led to many dropouts. In one year poverty has dramatically increased in the Gaza Strip and west bank. the percentage of working children from low-income families rose from 5% in 1999 to 20% just one year later. With the Palestine-Israeli conflict, many families are left homeless because of the effects of the war. The war has lead to an infrastructure of the Palestinian communities. The Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) has been working on the Child Labour issue in the West Bank and Gaza. Together they are trying to make a sustainable solution that will make everyone happy. With the Palestinian Labour Law “It is forbidden to employ children less than 15 years old”. We need to care about this ongoing situation because many children are losing their abilities to learn and receive an education. In the workforce, children are dealing with hazardous and unsafe materials, and no child should have to suffer from child labor.