This (Proulex 7). Tin Head returns to butcher

This story is told in third person, and
it is mainly a flashback of this guy named, Mero. It is a story-within-a-story
of Mero’s father’s girlfriend. The story takes place in Wyoming as Mero is
traveling from Massachusetts to Wyoming to his brother’s funeral (Proulex, 1).

Mero and his brother, Rollo were raised
on a rundown ranch in Wyoming (Proulex, 1). Mero left the ranch when he was
younger to go into war, he then planted himself in Massachusetts and became a
successful business man (Proulex, 1). The ranch was hard work, which made Mero
a hard working successful man.  Between
all of the risks that came with running cows in rough country and the daily
skills of the ranch made him want to leave and never come back (Proulex 7). His
father had different girlfriends, one of whom tells the story of the half
skinned steer (Proulex 2). Mero’s dad was also “married” to his bottle of
alcohol (Proulex 2). Rollo, who is Mero’s brother, stayed in Wyoming and ran
the ranch with his family (Proulex 1). On his way across the country to Wyoming,
Mero had wrecked his Cadillac by not paying attention during a flashback, but
bought a new one (Proulex 5). After Mero wrecked his Cadillac he started having
flashbacks of his life on the ranch.

Mero’s dad’s girlfriend had told him a
story of a man named, “Tin Head” who had a ranch near Mero when he was growing
up. While butchering a steer, Tin Head quit halfway into the job to eat his
dinner so that he could take a nap (Proulex 7). Tin Head returns to butcher the
steer but finds out that the steer was gone and only the tongue lay on the
ground (Proulex 7). As the girlfriend tells the story it seems as though Mero
wants his father’s girlfriend, but struggles to settle with her since he would
be getting the leftovers. Therefore Mero discovers he must have his own woman,
but Mero ends up having several failed relationships within his life (Proulex

As Mero pulled into Wyoming, he had about
one mile left to go. It was dark and because it had been 60 some years he had a
hard time remembering how to get to the ranch. It’s almost like he didn’t
expect anything to change since he had been gone. His car had gotten stuck in
the snow, he was frustrated, and hungry so he decided to get out and walk. When
Mero stops at the end and seems to be dying her realizes he has been under the
close watch of the angry glare of the half-skinned steer’s eye (Proulex 11).

As it snows in Wyoming, Mero is reminded
of what the cold and lonely winters can do to lonely souls. That is it can
cause you to become depressed and alone. The same way his life has been now
that he is 83 years old. His brother seems like he resents the fact that Mero
left and he stayed behind. Given that Mero left the ranch he still learned how
to work hard because of the life on the ranch with his father and brother and
become successful in his own eyes, but he realizes his past will always be the
reason he died.