This people, including their treatment, assessment, and diagnosis.

This article discusses eating disorders in culturally diverse people, including their treatment, assessment, and diagnosis. Included in the article is the relationship between acculturation, immigration, and ethnic identity and how they are connected to eating disorders. Further, worldviews, culturally specific symptoms and values of African Americans, Caucasians, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans are discussed. Starting the article by addressing the severity of eating disorders and how many cases can lead to serious symptoms and even death, while also mentioning how high the relapse rate is, which helps put the importance of bringing the topic of eating disorders in women of colour into perspective.Also, Identifying risk factors and understanding the influence of culture on symptoms assists in culturally sensitive treatment to sufferers, making sure that cultural norms and values are incorporated into the proposed treatment plan. Discussing important topics such as Ethnic Identity, Oppression and Racism, and Assessment and Treatment With Specific Ethnic Groups is crucial to the development of my thesis. Also, taking majority ethnic groups and breaking each into the subcategories of assessment and treatment helps see the differences of the treatment of different ethnic groups. But, this article provides many statistics surrounding caucasian women’s struggles with eating disorders but lacks statistics on women of colours struggle, which is partially the fault of the author, but also just confirms the need for recognition of eating disorders in women of colour, so more statistics would be available for articles such as this one. This article provides an in-depth analysis of eating disorders in women of colour, while using credible and cited statistics to help further their points. Although the source may be slightly outdated, all of the points are still relevant to my topic and help provide depth to my argument and assist me in furthering my thesis.