This institution of the slavery and weather the

  This passage is about the way the civil war started, and how the economy was when it had started, and how it had ended. The civil war started in  the northern and southern parts. But had been started on different parts of the united states.the south wasn’t really social they a predominantly economy .and the northern economy was a very social economy which is why they called industrial economy.     The slavery in this time is when they had had a dispute over the future slavery and that’s when northern and southern got into a dispute.and that’s when they got into the war.but the southern had fought for there southern independence.and the slaves had to work in huge plantations that  once it had started 400 million africans traveled back into slave labor.slavery was manly inherited into the southern economy which was mainly white people and it was a really small population of them.the slaves they had could be traded ar rented,the slaves would have to go into large plantations and pick cotton for hours and till the master told them to stop.but the north on the other hand immigrants from ireland and germany in the 1850’s,most of them were being paid at a lowage.they also had a need to institution of slavery.    The dred scott decision was a slave named dread scott and he was trying to get help from the american legal system,because the would not let anyone with  the african blood be a us citizen. The denied the african americans which caused the missouri compromise of 1820.       The  state’s rights  they did not to struggle bettwenthe federal government  and the individual states over political power.but the main problem Was the institution of the slavery and weather the federal had the right to abolish slavery within an individual state.     The abolitionist movement was in 1830’s the people who want to see the united states abolished had became more  strident and influent and the became obedient to the higher laws.