This house would ban IPMS

Hello everyone, I’m Nicky we are the opposition and strongly believe IPMs should not be banned; on the contrary we believe it is an integral part of our education. Today, I will be the 1st speaker, Tim will be 2nd and Tom will be 3rd speaker. IPM is interim pupil monitoring which is done every term for each individual pupil giving children an effort grade and an academic grade. From first-hand experience I know that in year 7 and to some level up to year 9 IPMs can be a pain.

For the majority of students, it is annoying that they have to take “so much” time out of their absolutely doss schedule. IPM coursework and lots of tests and sometimes you won’t get the mark you wanted. If you are one of those people who are just scraping through their work you are quite frankly, well and truly screwed. IPM is a termly monitoring system which helps the teachers to understand weaker areas in their class and for them to help individuals who are struggling, and more importantly to see which subjects you need to improve on.

Furthermore they set targets for you to exceed or maintain. Through this you can make you can receive plaudits from your parents and help them understand what you need help on. You will be under pressure to succeed however it’s better to fail here than in the big examinations, GCSEs and A-levels which will essentially determine how your life will unwind. Hypothetically if the IPM system was scrapped our school would struggle to maintain its ‘intelligent’ reputation.

All the lower school pupils would just waltz through the years, and eventually it will be year 10. The GCSE exams will fall on you like a tonne of bricks and it will be too late to revise everything. The end of unit pieces of coursework in years 7-9 are ridiculously easy done compared to GCSE coursework, because of time management isn’t always an issue. Teachers are not lenient in middle school they will set work and deadlines around a similar time. With IPM you can learn to evenly distribute playtime and work time.

If you don’t want IPM, you are going to have to work your butt off for a good career. Hopefully with the IPM scheme you will all manage to get As and A*s and if you work smart it will be a cakewalk. Most of the IPM tests will make you accustomed to big stage public exams. If IPM is scrapped there will be no point of tests because there will be nothing to monitor. If, you are accustomed to exam conditions, it will be a big load of your examinations because then your main focus will actually be answering the exam question and not what your neighbour thinks.

Along with the fact that you have IPMs which can also tell you if you have done nicely or poorly in a subject will give you a better indication of how much you need to work to get a grade you are happy with. So in summary, IPMs only help you, it helps the teachers and parents understand you, improves your organisation for big exams, including your knowledge, and you will learn to get accustomed to ‘exam conditions’. IPMs are a big help for you so don’t get bent out of shape because of them and give your best effort.