They blood. They work as 2 systems in

They are considered two systems that work together
as they work in hand because the body cells require oxygen to release energy,
and the body cells oxygen from the blood. They work as 2 systems in helping
blood travel around the body and oxygen travel also in helping an individual
breathe and they are part of the respiratory and cardio vascular system.

and external respiration: The internal respiration is the
steps of food being broken down due to the existence of oxygen divided to make
energy. Internal respiration is a consistent process where it requires energy
and utilizes the oxygen to create energy and make carbon dioxide, the water as an
unwanted product.

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respiration is said to be a metabolic action that
is done within the cells and the glucose via food responds with breathing
oxygen to make biochemical energy in the structure of adenosine triphosphate
which is known as (ATP), and this energy is handy to execute the biological
step excluding thinking and dreaming, the water, carbon dioxide and ammonia are
wasteful substance of the internal respiration system and the water, carbon
dioxide are removed out the body by breathing. On the other hand the ammonia is
expelled via the urine, the respiration system is involuntary, aerobic
respiration concludes of oxygen on the other hand oxygen is not involved in
anaerobic step.

External Respiration step takes place via
breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide from within the lungs, the
external respiration is vital for breathing and also survival (life) due to the
fact it provides oxygen and removes energy from the food for the internal respiration.
Furthermore it expels the carbon dioxide which is an unwanted substance of the respiration;
also external respiration expels excess waters from within the body through the
method exhale. External respiration involves physicality as organs and body
parts are being used and it also consists of inhalation, exhalation and
relaxation. Whereas inhalation is constantly in use and the exhalation is involuntary.
The external respiration consists of a couple of steps which are called gas
exchange and ventilation and ventilation involves the motion of the air which
comes in and out through the lungs, while the gas exchange takes place the
oxygen moves into the blood while the carbon dioxide spreads into the lungs