The welcome home presents and then they went

The adventure of of EricOne day in a happy neighborhood people went inside and watch the news then they listen very carefully to the news and there was an explosion at a nuclear test zone.Then every one started to panic then this green light flashed through the air then Eric was in his room when it happen then he walk out of his room and walk down the stairs and all you now Eric blackes out and falls down the stairs then his mom heard him fall and then she said we need to bring him to the hospital.3 weeks later he woke up in the hospital with his mom right next to the doctor was talking to her then he said what is going on then they both look at Eric and then the doctor said Eric do you know what happen the day you black out then Eric said ‘I don’t know what happened that day all I know is I was walking down the stairs then I blacked out’.Ok the doctor said to Eric’s mom ‘keep a close eye on him ok’ then Eric’s mom said ‘ok I will’ then Eric and his mom went home and when they got there Eric Dad was there so was his Sister ,Brother and his grama and his grandpa was there.And when he got out of the car everyone brought him a welcome home presents and then they went inside they all sat down and watch him open his presents then Eric’s friends walk in with some present’s to and they watch him final open his present’s he open his friend’s presents first he opened up Josh present first he look inside of it he saw a twix candy bar in it and some football cards then he said thank you to Josh then he open up brooklen present but he look at the bag and the bag had little hearts on it then Brooklyn smiled so did Eric then Eric opened the present then grab what was inside of the bag and he look at it it was a big heart full of sorts of small candies then Eric got up and gave Brooklyn a big hug then he opened his grama and is grampa’s present he look inside of it and he dump it out and about two hundred dollars  and he got more and more things.Then one night he woke to a noise outside of his house then he went outside then he saw some random guys with huge bags of stuff that was in his house then Eric said’ he you guys put that stuff down ‘ then the random guys said’ what are you going to do call the police or are you going to use some superpowers ‘ then out of nowhere Eric got distracted then the random guys got away then Eric said I can’t let them get away then out of nowhere he ran so fast that he was right behind them then one of the look outside and saw Eric run so fast he told the other dude to step on it then Eric grab something from one of the guys then they bumped Eric into the bush.Then the bad guy’s got to there base then they walk into about four hundred guy’s then the bad guy’s ran into their boss and their boss who was dr. venom then he said ‘ do you have what we need for the experiment ‘ and the guy’s said ‘ no we ran into a big problem’ then dr.venom said ‘who stop you guys from having it”there was this 14 year old kid who has super speed and he was right next to us but don’t worry boss we will check the same spot and see if he drop it we promise you ok”you better get it you will never see daylight again do you got it”ok we got it ‘. The next day Eric wakes up and says ‘where am I it look’s like I am still in my neighbor then he walk home and his whole family saw him and they fan to him and they said ‘where have you been you scared oh I went on a night run then I trip on something then I fell and when I fell iI was so confrudel so I fell asleep Eric’s mom said when you were gone we got rob Eric say ‘ we got robbed what did they ‘took a lot of stuff but we don’t know yet . Then Eric ran to his room then called best friend josh then he called his girlfriend then they said they would be there in ten min then ten mins later they both showed up they walk up to his room and they were at his bedroom door then he open the door then he said come then they did then they both then Eric said do you guys want something to drink and they said sure Eric ask Josh what do you want then he said i got to buy some ok Josh said ok then he ask Brooklen said I would like some apple juice ok then Eric said ok then Eric went to go get there then all a sudden he was already up there then they were all shock then Josh speed  then Eric said yes but Brooklyn was in shock she was not saying anything then Brooklen said what else can you do then Eric walk up to her and he stand up then she what else can you do he said watch this he went up to his bed and he pick it up and then josh was on it and they were both shocked . Then they left and when on a walk then Eric saw the same guys that robbed his house so he told Josh Brooklen ask what is wrong then Eric said it is the same guys that robbed my house then he chase after them and he said hey you guys look who’s here now then out of nowhere there boss dr. venom stops Eric from stopping them then Eric’s friend’s ran to go get then they all got away .Then the police were there then they ask him some question and Eric didn’t say anything to the police then Eric walk to his room then he fell asleep then Eric woke up one night and he took a walk then he heard then he called the police because he heard some shooting some guns so he called the police then the police showed then they ask him what’s wrong then eric said these are the same guys that are stealing stuff then the police called some back then they got them and they all went to jail for life.